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Sponsored by Lumo − cross-country skier Anita Korva: “Now it’s time to ski”

Since she was little, cross-country skier Anita Korva has loved skiing and competitions. Now in her second year as part of the national team, Korva is one of the young athletes sponsored by Lumo.


Anita Korva has participated in various sports since she was little and, as the youngest child in an athletic family, her weeks have always been full of regular training sessions. When skiing started to take over her schedule, she decided to drop track and field as well as other sports and focus on cross-country.

“I started to develop my skills as a skier. I got my own coach and could attend training camps. I’ve only grown more and more passionate about the sport over the years, and not once have I doubted my desire to continue. I’ve learned something new every day.”

Cross-country skiing is a diverse sport that works the whole body. According to Korva, it particularly requires endurance, but also strength and speed if you want to do well in sprints. The equipment has also been developed extensively over the years.

“Now that I’m competing in the women’s league, strength is one of my best assets. I still struggle with endurance, but that will become easier over time. I trust in my insight and I don’t get hung up on what others are doing. If I make mistakes, I’m able to forgive myself.”

Cross-country skiing is a diverse sport that works the whole body. According to Korva, it particularly requires endurance, but also strength and speed if you want to do well in sprints.

Korva starts her professional season

Korva entered the public eye at the 2019 Nordic Junior World Ski Championships in Lahti, where she came third in the sprint classic, 5 kilometre free and 15 kilometre mass start classic.

Last season, Korva’s military service in the sports programme of Kainuu Brigade added an additional challenge to her training schedule. After being discharged from the military in March 2020, she has once again been able to focus on her skiing. She has spent her summer following a strict training schedule that will be toned down in the winter.

“I’ve been able to start my professional season without other studies or distractions. This has been a huge weight off my shoulders, even with COVID-19 throwing a spanner in the works.

Anita is excited about the upcoming season. Her goal is to restore the quality of her skiing to the same level as before the previous, disjointed season and her military service. She has not set particular goals for competitions. In the long term, Korva wants to secure her position in the women’s national team, participate in the World Cup competitions and succeed in the adult league.

Life of an athlete

At the moment, Korva’s life is full of training and, during the athletic season, competitions. According to her, it is impossible to separate sports from the other aspects of life. Her training and athletic seasons create a framework for everyday life, and she also needs to make time for recovery. Korva loves her home life.

“I’m an active person. I love going to the sauna, cooking, baking, listening to music and dancing around my apartment. I don’t really watch TV. I’m terrible at armchair sports. I also like going out to a restaurant with my boyfriend.”

Anita Korva confesses that she is an adventurous person and dreams about many things.

“At some point, I would like to start my own family and have a dog and a house. You know, that kind of basic stuff.”


Cross-country skier Anita Korva


With her boyfriend in Kuopio

Favourite pastime at home

Sauna, cooking, baking, listening to music and dancing.

The Lumo sponsorship and grant programme supports top Finnish athletes as well as individual and team sports for young people. The 2020 Lumo athletes are Oliver Helander (javelin), Anita Korva (cross-country skiing), Henry Manni (wheelchair racing), Oskari Mörö (400m hurdles), Nooralotta Neziri (100m hurdles) and Emmi Parkkisenniemi (snowboarding).

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