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Restaurants, sea views, and reformer pilates – Veera Bianca introduces her favourite spots in Katajanokka

A glassed-in balcony, icebreakers, and Kanavaranta are some of Veera Bianca's favourite spots in Helsinki's Katajanokka.


Veera Bianca, known from social media, is a travel industry professional, the host of the Kehorauhaa podcast, and a true Katajanokka local. Although Veera travels for work, her 35-square-metre two-room flat in Katajanokka, commonly known as Skatta, is the perfect home base to return to.

Veera and her dog Sydney both enjoy life in Katajanokka.

Veera moved to her current Lumo home a few months ago after trying life elsewhere in the capital region. However, it quickly became clear that Katajanokka was her spiritual home, a place she had to return to.

According to Veera, everything essential can be found in Katajanokka; the sea is close, and although the area is almost in the city centre, Skatta is still its own peaceful island. Veera's dog, Sydney, also enjoys life in Katajanokka. The pair have many friends in the area, often meeting familiar faces on their walks.

Let's take a tour of beautiful Katajanokka through Veera's eyes.

The boho-style balcony is one of Veera's favourite spots at home.

Balcony – the home oasis

"I love balconies, and a balcony is a little oasis to me. In summer, I often work and eat there. The glass extends the balcony's use and helps keep it clean. It's much easier to decorate when you don't have to worry about rain, for example."

"For me, life's best moments are serene Sundays that start with a long morning walk with Sydney. After that, I either order breakfast or make it myself. Still, the most important thing is setting up a perfect brunch on the balcony."

The cosy sofa is perfect for relaxing with Sydney.

The sofa crowns the living room

"My sofa is new, beautiful, and soft. It crowns the living room, which is the cosy corner of the flat. It's incredibly comfortable to hang out on because I can see the entire flat from there, and light floods through the large kitchen windows. I don't just lounge on the sofa; my laptop and work often follow me here, too."

"I make interior design choices with a visual focus, combining minimalist Scandinavian style with a cowboy soul. Cowhides and skulls reflect my personality, and many of my home's details are souvenirs around the world."

Dining table by the windows

"My kitchen table is beautiful, but I confess: I never eat there. The dining table is my main workspace, although it could be more ergonomic. It suits me perfectly, as I like to work by the window. Wide windowsills are the best in the world; you can sit on them or fill them with decorative items, as I have."

The dining table is Veera's favourite place to work.

"My favourite moments at the dining table are spent with friends, although I haven't done this nearly enough. When I had just moved in, a friend came over, brought wine, and cooked me risotto. More evenings like that, please!"

Veera heads to reformer pilates at Kanavaranta every week.

Reformer pilates at Kanavaranta

"My dream Skatta day starts with putting flip-flops on a summer morning and heading out for a walk. I walk to Kanavaranta, grab rhubarb matcha, and go to a reformer pilates session. Kanavaranta truly has all the luxuries and essentials of everyday life."

"Reformer pilates is an important hobby that also became my job. I fell in love with it on my first try. It felt like I had finally found an activity that felt right and comfortable. I wasn't a natural talent at first. Still, now I enjoy teaching classes to other enthusiasts and eager beginners."

A postcard view – Katajanokka's Icebreakers

"If any detail represents Katajanokka to me, it's the icebreakers. Sometimes, I've felt like a poor Finn, but luckily, my neighbourhood has taught me to love my home country more. As an avid traveller, I find it interesting to experience the other side of travel – seeing tourists exploring my home turf. There's no shortage of visitors in Katajanokka."

The best swimming spot is next to the icebreakers.

"The best place to admire the icebreakers is from the mat washing pier. The view is the perfect Finnish postcard: birch trees arching over the pier, children jumping into the sea for a swim. You can also see Korkeasaari from the pier, where you can sometimes hear lions roaring – this is definitely not an urban legend!"

Restaurants offering flavours from around the world

"I love visiting cafés and restaurants, maybe even a bit too much. Eating out is a nice way to get out of the house and break up the workday. In Skatta, I've found favourite spots that bring a real sense of community. I don't go to restaurants just to eat but to seek flavours from around the world and find the right atmosphere."

Cafés and restaurants are an important part of Veera's city life

"Asian food is my favourite, and it must be fate that the Vietnamese Fly Fusion restaurant is almost downstairs from me. In colder weather, I recommend ordering steaming hot pho soup, but in the summer, I prefer summer rolls and various rice dishes. For dessert, I recommend a coconut coffee."

Veera Bianca's Summer Playlist – Listen and Enjoy!

Together with Veera Bianca, we've compiled a Spotify playlist for the enjoyment of serene summer evenings.

Enjoy the summer amidst the city's hustle or on your own balcony, and soak in the sunsets to the tunes of the best country songs.

Listen now on Spotify

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