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Household electricity

Look after the condition of your electrical equipment to conserve energy and improve the safety of your home. Also remember that any actual electrical installation and repair work must be performed by a qualified professional!


In most Lumo homes, barring a few exceptions, you can sign an electricity agreement with your preferred provider.

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Electrical equipment

Refrigerator and freezer

Newer refrigerators and freezers have automatic defrosting. Refrigeration equipment without automatic defrosting should be defrosted when the frost is 5-10 mm.

Even dust that has adhered to the rear wall condenser should be cleaned about once a year. Remember that refrigeration appliances need enough free air circulation around them.


The maintenance company is responsible for connecting the stove to the power system and for other connection changes. The stove can be moved out of place for cleaning the backside. Newer stoves have an anti-tip device. You can also get stove protection as an accessory. It prevents children from pouring over the pots on the stove.

Lamps and bulbs

In old apartments, the lamps are connected to a luster terminal. You can replace it yourself with a lamp socket. In addition, replacements of, for example, refrigerator and stove lamps are taken care of by the resident.

Traditional fluorescent lights have a separate, replaceable start circuit. Replace the starter at the same time as you replace the fluorescent tube. For example, when the tube does not illuminate but its ends glow red, simply replacing the starter may be sufficient.

Apartment sauna heater

You can adjust the sauna time from the heater timer and the thermostat should be adjusted to a suitable temperature, which is 70-80 °C in an electric sauna. You save electricity when the whole family goes to the sauna within the same heating session! The maintenance company replaces the stones in the heater about every five years. If the heater stones need to be replaced earlier, contact your maintenance company.

Do not dry clothes or other textiles in the sauna due to the risk of fire. Continuous moisture load can also cause structural damage.

House electrical network

Each apartment has a distribution board with the apartment's fuses and a main switch. The electricity meter in the apartment is usually located in the distribution board or in the meter center in the stairwell. The distribution board of an electrically heated apartment has night and day electrical switches as well as often a "home / away" switch. This switch lowers the temperature of the apartment by a few degrees during your absence.


The fuses in the apartment are either traditional replaceable fuses or circuit breakers. If you are planning on purchasing high-power electrical appliances (eg washing machine, freezer), you should find out the maximum electrical loads of the sockets in advance.

If the fuse blows or trips, the cause must first be determined. A fused device can cause a fuse to blow, in which case the device must be taken out of service immediately and taken for repair. Triggering can also be caused by overload. In this case, too many devices with a power exceeding the power of the fuse are connected to the same conductor at the same time. A change in the voltage level of the distribution network can also cause a momentary overload.

Residual-current devices (RCDs)

In newer homes, RCDs protect socket or lighting groups in damp areas. Switches cut off power from faulty equipment so quickly that electric shock does not have time to cause personal injury. Re-tune the RCD if it has tripped and take the device that caused the trip to be repaired.


Protective earthed sockets are available in the kitchen, bathroom and outdoors. All sockets in new homes are earthed. Only a plug of a grounded or insulated electrical appliance may be connected to such outlets. An ungrounded appliance may only be used in an area with unearthed sockets.

Especially families with children should get safety plugs in the sockets so that the little ones in the family cannot insert any objects into the socket.

Landline and TV antennas

The apartment has a telephone socket and an antenna socket for the TV antenna cable. Do not make any changes to the antenna socket, as they may interfere with your neighbors' TV. If there are problems with the quality of the picture, you should ask maintenance and maybe ask your next-door neighbours if they have had similar problems. Television or satellite devices installed on the balcony and elsewhere outside the apartment always require the permission of the property manager.

Electrical installations and safety

Improper or defective electrical equipment can endanger the life of the user. Therefore, electrical installations and repairs must be carried out by a professional.

However, everyone can do the following themselves:

  • replace fuses, bulbs and fluorescent light starters.
  • attach the interior light to a luster terminal
  • remove the unplugged socket or switch cover plate, for example during painting or wallpapering.

This is how you clean the electrical equipment

  • Always switch off the electrical appliance when cleaning by removing the plug from the socket or with the main switch.
  • Vacuum the outside of the equipment regularly.
  • Wipe the door seals of refrigeration units with a mild detergent.
  • You can speed up the defrosting of refrigeration equipment with a hot water container.
  • Never use a knife or similar object to scrape the ice of the refrigerator.

Always remember electrical and fire safety:

  • Keep electrical equipment and cords, sockets and switches in good condition.
  • Safety plugs in sockets protect children from electric shock.
  • Do not leave appliances unattended.
  • An electrical appliance approved in Finland has the FI mark.
  • Have electrical installations and repairs carried out by professionals in the field.
  • Prevent equipment fires - clean electrical equipment of dust and allow air to circulate from above and behind the equipment.
  • Do not use electrical appliances during the shower or bath.
  • Use only equipment intended for outdoor use and connected to a protective earthed socket outdoors.


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