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Reduce food waste – five tips

Please do not throw edible food away. Act responsibly in your everyday life and start paying attention to eliminating food waste already when doing the shopping, and especially when cooking.


Food waste refers to edible food that unnecessarily ends up in the dustbin. Please minimise food waste by following as part of your everyday routine the five tips below.

Remember also to sort the waste correctly.

  1. Always use a shopping list and only buy ingredients which you are planning to use. Try to resist the sweet temptations.
  2. Store food at the correct temperature. Meat and other highly perishable foodstuffs must be stored in the fridge, while cooking oil and tomatoes can be stored at room temperature. Potted herbs live longer when they are replanted – kept in sunlight and watered.
  3. Only cook the amount of food that you can eat. Learn to portion out the food, such as pasta, into suitable portions per person.
  4. If there are any leftovers, cool the leftovers down properly and divide them into separate boxes in the fridge for the next mealtime. Leftovers can be stored in the fridge for approximately 2–3 days. However, uncooked meals can only be stored for one day.
  5. Sort the waste already when cooking. Metal cans belong in metal recycling, glass kitchen waste in glass recycling, plastic wrapping in plastic recycling and biowaste in a separate biowaste container. Cardboard should be flattened right away or in the waste shelter, at the latest.

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