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Customers’ experiences of Lumo homes

Do you already have experience of a Lumo home? Are you considering moving? What is Lumo like as a landlord? What is it like to live in a Lumo home? Lets hear it from our residents!


What is Lumo like as a landlord?

Living in a Lumo rental apartment is easy and convenient. Because Lumo rental apartments have their own building managers and well-functioning service company partners, the service is excellent. The customer service can be reached through multiple channels, and the Lumo chatbot serves our customers even at night and during weekends.

The My Lumo online service makes living in a Lumo home very easy, as all matters related to the home can be managed through the service. In the My Lumo service, you can also view the Lumo services available in your building, and the benefits and discounts available to our residents.

We are a secure and reliable landlord - our most long-term residents have been with us for several decades.

Lumo is a secure landlord and any faults and reports relating to the apartment are processed quickly.

Lumo resident, Kuopio

How can I rent a Lumo home?

You can rent a Lumo rental apartment via the Lumo web store anytime, regardless of your location. Just go to, browse the vacant apartments and when you find a home that meets your needs, rent it immediately if you like. The most beautiful homes are going fast! If, for some reason, you don’t like the apartment you rented, you can cancel the tenancy agreement when you visit the apartment. There are no extra charges involved in the cancellation.

Lumo homes have a broad range of apartments on offer throughout Finland. Lumo is a reliable landlord and the My Lumo service is a bonus.

Lumo resident, Helsinki

What kind of rental apartments does Lumo have?

Lumo rental homes are situated in new buildings and renovated houses in growth centres, near excellent services and good transport links throughout Finland.

The condition of Lumo homs is good and equipment standards are high.

How does the security deposit of Lumo homes work?

When you rent a Lumo home through the web store, you need to pay the first month’s rent via your online banking service or by credit card, and you do not pay a separate security deposit.

Everything works really well, renting was easy and convenient. All service and maintenance work is done quickly and reports are processed promptly.

Lumo resident, Tampere

What is it like to live in a Lumo home?

As many as 35,000 people already live in a Lumo home. All residents have their personal preferences and wishes for the apartment. You can make the Lumo home look like your own and, for example, paint the walls if you like. Lumo offers residents environment-friendly paints and painting equipment, with guidelines on how to paint, all free of charge.

Lumo rental buildings even have active Lumo teams that strengthen the sense of community and comfort among the residents. The residents also have access to common facilities and services. If you only need a car occasionally, you can use one of the Luomo car-share vehicles.

And no worries if you are a dog person: you can always move into a Lumo home with a pet.

The apartment has been easy to live in. Whenever we have submitted a fault report, it has been sent forward on the same day. The My Lumo service includes comprehensive information about my tenancy agreement, the housing company and Lumo homes as landlord.

Lumo resident, Tampere

What kind of services do Lumo homes have?

Lumo homes offer many benefits unique to us. Lumo home residents have access to the My Lumo online service that includes information on all benefits for residents in your rental building. These include a fast broadband connection, shared club facilities and various shared vehicles.

How about moving into a Lumo home?

If your life situation changes and, for example, you need more space, you can move from one Lumo home to another flexibly. You can negotiate moving dates and notice periods so you do not have to pay rent for two apartments at the same time.

Renting an apartment was easy and the customer service has been really friendly and quick throughout.

Lumo resident, Jyväskylä

Where are Lumo homes located?

Lumo homes are located in the best areas of Finland’s largest cities, near a variety of services and good public transport links.

All services are close by and there is a frequent bus service to the city centre.

Lumo resident, Tampere

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