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A good eye for the game is the key to success

Lumo scholarship athlete Erica Korhonen started playing ice hockey at age seven. By the time she was 10she was already the best forward in the Kirkkonummen Salamat 06 boys team. Now, at 14, she plays Naisten Mestis (the second-highest league in Finnish women’s ice hockey) at HIFK Academy and is one of the best forwards in the programme. Korhonen considers a good eye for the game her most valuable strength.


Erica Korhonen’s 3 favourite things at home:

Sharing a room with an older sister

“One of my greatest achievements so far has been getting into HIFK Academy and the camps of the national team’s Leijonapennut for three years now. In the future, I want to play for the women’s national team. My training schedule is pretty strict as the demands are high. When my everyday life feels busy due to school and hockey, my room becomes an important place to rest and relax by listening to music or watching Netflix.”

Short distance to sports park Tekis

“Because of COVID-19, I went from having hockey practice five times a week to training at home. My schedule has also included independent training by jogging, strength training and doing staircase workouts at the nearby sports park Tekis, also known as Taka-Wembley.

My friends are important to me and I go to Tekis with them to play football, tennis and basketball. Luckily, my ice hockey confirmation camp in Kuortane this summer included lots of time slots at the ice rink, so I was finally able to put on my skates.”

Living room sofa

“Until last year, I also played football as a goalkeeper. I had to drop football as I only had enough time for my favourite sport, ice hockey. The rest of my family also has various hobbies and we’re always out and about. Sometimes, though, we all have time to be home at the same time, which is when we like to gather on our living room sofa.”

Lumo residents: 14-year-old ice hockey player Erica Korhonen and her mother, older sister and younger brother

Home: three-bedroom apartment in Lindal, Kirkkonummi

The Lumo sponsorship and grant programme supports top Finnish athletes as well as individual and team sports for young people. Launched in 2012, the programme promotes wellbeing through physical activity by awarding grants and sponsorship support to young, promising athletes.

Lumo residents is a series that showcases the residents of Lumo homes in their natural environment – their own home.

1.9.2020 (Modified 10.6.2021)

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Images Roope Permanto

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