Live with a roommate in a Lumo home

Lumo homes are located in the best places of the cities and along excellent transport connections. Among the over 40,000 Lumo homes, you can find homes of many sizes, with different layouts, many of which are also perfectly suited for shared living. Rent a home with your friend and experience the best aspects of living together!

Better quality of life with shared living

Today, living with a roommate is no longer a situation that one ends up in out of necessity, but for many it is a conscious choice. Often, by renting a shared apartment, you can live in larger spaces and on better locations for the same money. Instead of your own small studio apartment, living with a roommate in a large, two bedroom apartment with sauna can offer considerable improvements in the quality of life.

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Make the shared home look your own

One of the best aspects of Lumo apartments is that you can make it look exactly how you like it. Lumo homes offer the resident paints free of charge, so you can choose the colors that suit your own taste for the walls of your home. Attaching all kinds of paintings, photos and hooks to the walls is of course also allowed, because hanging the objects that are important to you makes an apartment a home.

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Clear savings from living together

Living with friends is generally more affordable than living alone when the expenses are shared between several people. When renting a Lumo home from the online store, you can also save on the security deposit, after all, it is around €0. In addition, the rent of every Lumo home includes a broadband connection of at least 50 Mb/s.

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Homes suitable for roommates in university towns