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Lapinrinne, 96190 Rovaniemi

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  • Terraced houseCompletion 1988
  • 1 bedroom + k27 pcs5057
    2 bedrooms + k6 pcs68

Tuulenkaato 1

Kohteessa on sekä luhti- että rivitaloasuntoja. Luhtitalossa on kahdessa kerroksessa kaksioita, yläkerran asunnoissa on parveke ja alakerran asunnoissa on oma piha. Rivitaloissa on sekä kaksioita että kolmioita. Talojen keskellä on suojaisa piha-alue, jossa lapsille on leikkipaikka. Kohteen piha-alue on remontoitu 2010. Kohteen vieressä sijaitsevat Lapinrinteen päiväkoti ja lähikauppa. Lähes kaikissa asunnoissa on tehty keittiöremontti ja useassa asunnossa myös kylpyhuone on remontoitu. Kohteessa on lemmikkieläimet sallittu ja autopaikkoja on riittävästi. Asukkaiden käytössä on maksuton pesutupa sekä kerhohuone ja kuntosali.

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  • Building type
    Terraced house
  • Completion
  • Energy rating
  • Asset-limited
  • Elevator
  • Antenna system
    Cable TV (DVB-C): DNA
  • Broadband
    DNA 50 Mbit/s
  • Parking spaces
  • Shared facilities of the house
    Shared sauna, shared laundry room, shared drying room

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Lapinrinne is a green and natural residential area located a couple of kilometers from the centre of Rovaniemi.

There is a lot of single-family houses and terraced houses in the area. A kindergarten, a grocery store and a vocational school are located in the area. From Lapinrinne, you can easily reach both the centre and Korkalovaara along the pedestrian paths and cycling  Korkalovaara primary and secondary schools are located less than a kilometer away.

Among Rovaniemi's rental apartments, Lapinrinne homes are especially suitable for those looking for a quiet suburban area close to the center and nature.


Rovaniemi is an exciting combination of exotic Lapland and urban living.
Rovaniemi is a popular place to live an an important city in northern Finland. The city is located in the middle of Lapland, at the confluence of the Kemijoki and Ounasjoki rivers. It is the administrative, commercial and education centre of Lapland. The area of Rovaniemi is large, even in European comparison. However, its population is relatively small.

Rovaniemi is close to the Arctic Circle, which makes it unique. The exotic Lapland is all around, although living in the city centre does not differ from living in the centre of any other lively city. The city centre is surrounded by the rugged, beautiful nature of Lapland.

Rovaniemi is popular among tourists, particularly in the winter, which gives the city a unique, international atmosphere. Rovaniemi Airport is one of the busiest airports in Finland, supporting international tourism in the city.

Magical summers

In the summer, the sun does not set in Rovaniemi between May and July. The long days of the “Nightless Night” are full of possibilities. Outdoor activities are a daily source of joy for the residents of Rovaniemi. Walking in nature, canoeing along the river and attending the city’s many events are part of Rovaniemi in the summer.

Wonderful winters

Rovaniemi is exceptionally beautiful in the winter. There is always snow in Rovaniemi in the winter, usually from November until April. In midwinter, the Northern Lights are a frequent sight in the night sky. The polar night makes the winter feel longer than in the south, but thanks to the snow, winter in Rovaniemi has a special atmosphere which cannot be felt elsewhere.

Your own Lumo rental apartment in Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi has many Lumo rental apartments for single dwellers, couples and families. The apartments are located in the city centre, a couple of kilometres from it or further up north, near the wilderness. Even Santa Claus lived in a Lumo rental apartment at one point. A Lumo rental apartment is a great choice as your second home in the city!

Easy living in central Rovaniemi

The city centre is densely populated and located at the confluence of the Kemijoki and Ounasjoki rivers. Some of the Lumo rental apartments in central Rovaniemi overlook a river. In the city centre, health services, schools, day-care centres and shops are always within walking distance. The bus and railway stations are also located in the centre. Nature is close even in central Rovaniemi: there are beautiful ponds and islets in the centre of town.
There is a popular and tranquil residential area called Kolmas kaupunginosa near the city centre and the market square. The bus and railway stations are also located nearby.

Ounasvaara, Ounasrinne and Ounasmetsä - close to the town centre

Ounasvaara is a green neighbourhood on the other side of the Ounaskoski rapids. Three bridges across the Kemijoki river connect Ounasvaara with the rest of the city. Ounasrinne and Ounasmetsä, on the other hand, are located to the south of Ounasvaara. Ounasmetsä is popular among students, because Lapland Sports Academy, Lapland Vocational College and Lapland University of Applied Sciences are located in the area. Each of these residential areas has comfortable Lumo rental apartments for residents who appreciate outdoor life and a tranquil environment. The centre of Rovaniemi is near, it takes only a few minutes to reach it by bicycle in the summer.

Korkalovaara and Lapinrinne

Lapinrinne is about two kilometres from central Rovaniemi. It has mainly single-family houses that are located close to schools and day-care centres. Lapinrinne is an excellent choice for families with children.
Korkalovaara is located approximately five kilometres from the city centre. The Lumo rental apartments in Korkalovaara are perfect for those who appreciate peace and quiet, good services and outdoor activities.

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