Lasitehtaantie 53

Hirsimäki, 11910 Riihimäki

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  • Apartment buildingCompletion 1974
  • Sudios12 pcs35
    1 bedroom + k27 pcs5656,5

Lasitehtaantie 53

Kerrostalossa on vesijohtoputkistoremontin yhteydessä vuonna 2007 uusittu asuntojen keittiöt ja kylpyhuoneet. Vuonna 2011 on uudistettu piha- sekä parkkialueet. 

Lumo-asukkaana saat enemmän

Lumo-vuokrakodit tarjoavat turvallista ja ympäristöystävällistä asumista sekä parhaat asumisen palvelut.

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  • Building type
    Apartment building
  • Completion
  • Energy rating
  • Asset-limited
  • Elevator
  • Antenna system
    Cable TV (DVB-C): DNA
  • Broadband
    DNA 50 Mbit/s
  • Parking spaces
  • Shared facilities of the house
    Bicycle storage, shared sauna, drying room, storage cages, air-raid shelter


Riihimäki is a comfortable and lively town in southern Finland. It is a nice living environment for the whole family, located at a convenient spot at the junction of two railway lines. Riihimäki is one of the original railway stations along the line between Helsinki and Hämeenlinna. Riihimäki used to be sparsely populated, and the name of the town denotes a drying barn standing on top of a hill. Nowadays, Riihimäki is a reasonably-sized town that is still growing and developing. It is easy to live in Riihimäki because everything is nearby in the compact town.

Good location in southern Finland

Riihimäki is located 65 kilometres from Helsinki and 35 from Hämeenlinna. Lahti is 60 kilometres from Riihimäki. You can travel between the cities by car, train or bus.

Glassware and industrial town

Riihimäki manufactured glass for the entire 20th century and today, the Finnish Glass Museum in the former glass factory presents the history of Finnish glass to the public. The old Kumela glass factory still exists in Riihimäki, along with several museums. Many large industrial companies operate in Riihimäki nowadays, which means the city has a large number of jobs in industry and business. Riihimäki is also an important garrison town.

A city of culture and events

Riihimäki has a lively cultural scene with frequent events of different types. The exhibitions in Riihimäki are particularly popular in the summer, attracting both locals and visitors from across Finland. Park-like Riihimäki has a lot to do, see and experience. Walk in an urban setting or admire idyllic old architecture in places such as Rautatiepuisto park or Hyttikortteli. Every other year, Riihimäki Sports Park hosts the International Sportsmen’s Fair.

Comfortable living in a Lumo rental apartment in Riihimäki

Riihimäki has a range of Lumo apartments for families, couples and single dwellers. All of the apartments have tranquil locations near services. The local bus network is efficient.

Tranquil Suokylä near the centre

Suokylä is a pleasant residential area near the Riihimäki centre. The Lumo rental apartments in Suokylä are located in an idyllic neighbourhood of apartment buildings. Suokylä offers both a tranquil environment and the convenience of living near the services of the town centre.

Green and cosy Hirsimäki

Hirsimäki is a tranquil and cosy residential area in Riihimäki. It has both apartment buildings and detached houses. The Lumo rental apartments are located in comfortable apartment buildings in a tranquil area. There is a shop and a day-care centre nearby. The area is located within two kilometres from the centre with its railway station, bus station and shops.

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