Moving to a Lumo home

Welcome to your new home!

On this page, we have gathered important information and tips related to moving.

You can also contact our customer service if you have any questions related to housing.

Move-in inspection and renovations

Before the new resident moves in, the apartment is inspected. If necessary, renovations and repairs will be carried out in the apartment for the new resident. However, if you notice any damage or deficiencies when moving in, please submit a fault report.

We want to ensure that all apartments are move-in ready and that our new residents find it easy to settle into their new apartment. The apartments’ levels of equipment do vary, however, due to the apartments’ ages and performed renovations.

Paint benefit

We provide new residents with a paint benefit, which comprises the tools and paint needed in giving your apartment a small facelift.

Read more about the paint benefit

Moving day

The date of moving in is the effective date of the tenancy or, if the date in question is not a weekday, the next weekday. If the apartment is empty and ready for moving in earlier than your designated moving day, you can contact the Lumo Home Centre to check if you can move in earlier.

Parking spaces and sauna reservations

Parking spaces can be booked directly via the My Lumo online service.

The number of available parking spaces is limited. Parking spaces are apartment-specific. There is one parking space per apartment. When the situation allows it, it is usually possible to rent a second parking space. However, if the situation changes, the rental agreement concerning a second parking space can be terminated.

You can make a sauna reservation via the My Lumo service.

The parking spaces and sauna reservations do not automatically transfer from the previous resident to the new one. The fees for parking spaces and sauna reservations are collected in connection with the payment of rent. Once you have reserved a parking space or made a sauna reservation, a new rent receipt will be sent to you.


If you have not yet received the keys to your home, you can pick them up from the maintenance company on the date your tenancy agreement begins. The contact details for the place for collecting your keys can be found on the My Lumo service under the section “Management of keys”.

A record is kept of keys. If the original keys are not returned, the apartment’s locks will be rekeyed at the latest when the tenancy relationship ends, and the resident who is moving out will be charged for the costs incurred. By rekeying the apartment locks, we want to ensure the safety of the apartment and make sure that the apartment’s new resident is the only person possessing all keys for the apartment. Persons living in the same apartment should be reminded of the importance of handling keys with caution.

Make your move easier and save time and effort by ordering the keys to your new home to a place that suits you best with the Lumo key courier service.

Home insurance

When signing the tenancy agreement, you are obligated to take out home insurance that applies to the entire apartment and to retain its validity throughout the tenancy.

Inform your insurance company about any changes to your housing situation and make sure that your home insurance is valid.

Electricity contract

Sign an electricity contract. You can sign an electricity contract conveniently via the website of your preferred electricity provider.

Notification of move

Submit a notification of move to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency and Posti online, by telephone or at one of Posti’s service points. Once you have submitted the official notification of move, your mail will be redirected to your new address during one month for free of charge.

The maintenance company will also be automatically notified about your move, and will add the names of the persons stated in the tenancy agreement on the apartment’s mailbox and on the board of the building’s stairwell. If you want to make any changes to these, please contact your maintenance company directly. You can find the contact details for your maintenance company on the noticeboard in the stairwell of your building or on the My Lumo service.

Remember to notify your friends and family about your new address. Free-of-charge change of address cards can be obtained from Posti’s service points.


Your apartment includes a storage room for movable property that is numbered according to your apartment and located in the shared premises of the building. The storage space must always be locked. The resident is in charge of purchasing a padlock for the storage door. If the previous resident has left any items in the storage, contact your maintenance company. Do not store your items in a storage space belonging to another apartment, even if the storage space is empty.

The storage space is intended for storing regular movable property. Due to fire safety, it is not allowed to use the storage space for storing flammable liquids, for example. It is not allowed to store property in the storage hallways, stairwells or related areas in order to ensure general safety.