Access control systems and the information they collect

Access control systems do not collect data from apartment locks – data collection will be removed from common areas by the end of 2022

Access control systems do not collect any data from the apartment locks. For the time being, our properties still use access control systems for common areas, the collection of access data for which will be eliminated by the end of 2022.

At the moment, the access control systems used at our properties collect personal data which can be used for reviewing event information for the locks, for example, to investigate possible vandalism or break-ins or to restrict passage through certain doors. The information is not linked to access data and the lock cases do not contain any information about the key holder. The data collection from the access control systems of common areas will be removed by the end of 2022.

You can learn more about Lumo Kodit Oy's processing of personal data, which is based on a legitimate interest, and your right to object to such processing of personal data in the privacy statement.

iLOQ electronic locking system

If your building is equipped with iLOQ's electronic locking system, please note that the lock cases on all doors to the common areas equipped with locks leave the key serial number information and a time stamp when the doors are opened. The retention period of the data collected in the lock cylinder is approximately two weeks, i.e. approximately 500 access events or instances of the door being opened, after which the old log data is automatically overwritten by new log data.