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Venla Savikuja enjoys life as a Lumo resident: “I can easily move from one Lumo home to another as the family grows”

Actress and influencer Venla Savikuja listens to her inner voice. At the age of 20, she lived in a terraced house in Espoo, and now as a mother-to-be, she has moved to a two-room apartment in Hernesaari.


“People have commented on how the much-needed change has done me a lot good,” says actor and influencer Venla Savikuja

On a sunny summer day, we are sitting on the terrace of Löyly on Hernesaarenranta. 

Venla moved into a Lumo home in mid-April. It has been a big change, because she used to live in Nuuksio. Venla has also lived in different places around Espoo, for example, in Matinkylä and Olari. 

“After many years in Espoo, I was suddenly struck with the desire to live in Helsinki.” 

Venla Savikuja enjoys living in the city centre of Helsinki.

Venla became accustomed to living in a city centre in Copenhagen, where she began her acting studies in 2017. 

“In Copenhagen, I began to think about what makes me happy. I liked the balance between the lush parks and the lively city. Now I enjoy the same in Helsinki.” 

The decision was also influenced by the fact that Venla has recently had more different kinds of work projects and, in the city centre, she can quickly get to work and back home.    

Venla, 32, is particularly well-known for the role of Heidi Aaltonen in the TV series Salatut Elämät (Hidden Lives). Venla's career in the show, which started in 2009, ended in 2015. In 2020, she starred in the TV series Keihäsmatkat (Spear Tours) and Modernit Miehet (Modern Men) and the movie Luokkakokous 3 (Reunion 3). In addition to her acting work, Venla has become known as a blogger, a fitness star and a social media influencer. 

To the city centre with a baby 

When an addition to the family comes up, many people move to a larger apartment further away from the city centre, but Venla has done the opposite. She is currently expecting her first child who is due in September. 

“It may be that at some point I want more space and peace again, but right now I enjoy the vibrancy of the city centre.” 

She wants services to be nearby when the baby is born. 

“With the baby, it will probably also be easier to get out and about when travel distances are short.” 

There are numerous parks anf jogging trails in the own neighbourhood.

The child's father is an Icelandic actor. 

“We have really liked it in the city centre of Helsinki. With Lumo homes, you can also conveniently switch to a larger apartment when your child grows up. Now it feels good to live in a more compact space.”  

It is also important for Venla that Lumo homes allow pets, because she has a dog.  Mulan is an eight-year-old American Staffy. 

“Mulan and I can easily go jogging here. Mulan has been noticeably enthusiastic about the long recreational route, numerous parks, and the new jogging trails and smells.” 

Renting conveniently done online 

The atmospheric old building has been renovated. 

“I specifically wanted to move to an old house. I like the thick windowsills and the high ceilings in the apartment. The space also gets lots of natural light inside, and the home’s floorplan is functional.” 

According to Venla, the Lumo building also has a cosy club room and excellent laundry facilities. 

“The neighbours are also friendly.” 

Venla is currently expecting her first child who is due in September.

Venla has been telling her friends about how easy it is to get a home in Lumo webstore. 

“I did not have to go around apartment viewings, but could book my apartment of choice online. You can also see the apartment before you move in.” 

Venla appreciates the fact that Lumo rental apartments include a lot of services. The My Lumo service can be used, for example, to rent shared cars, and to purchase the installation of household appliances and furniture and a home cleaning service. 

“I'm surprised I hadn't tried Lumo homes before.” 

International activities on the terraces 

Venla is originally from Inkoo. When she was a teenager, she moved to a small one-room apartment of 18 square metres in Kallio, near Linnanmäki, when she started at Kallio Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts. Venla has also lived in Lauttasaari and Aurinkolahti in Vuosaari when she was younger. 

“So far, Hernesaari has been wonderfully lively as a residential area, but at the same time surprisingly peaceful. I also love the variety of walking trails, and admire the cosy little streets and romantic alleys, as well as the old architecture of the area. 

Venla's favourite spot in Hernesaari is the Eira beach. 

Venla enjoys the beach cliffs next to the beach.

“I love the smell of the sea when I open a window at home. The proximity of water is calming.” 

Venla also enjoys the beach cliffs next to the beach, where she sometimes picnics or sits with her dog to enjoy the sun. 

“The lush park continues along the beach for quite a stretch, and you can move from Löyly to Birgitta and from Restaurant Mattolaituri to Café Ursula on the terraces. The Meripuisto park is lovely, and in spring the cherry trees bloom there.” 

New favourite places and projects 

Venla has a short walk from home to Levain Merikortteli, where she sometimes has breakfast. 

“I'm a vegan, and Levain serves a good Healthy Set for breakfast, which includes avocado toast, a smoothie and yogurt with granola or fresh porridge.” 

Venla's favourite places in her new neighbourhood are the restaurant Green Hippo Punavuori and the self-service flea market Kaivarin Kanuuna. 

Her plans for the near future are to enjoy the summer, decorate her new home and prepare for the baby's arrival. Venla has also been working on a script with a colleague and been building a larger creative concept with a group of friends. 

“Both projects are very rewarding and new creative breakthroughs for me.” 

The fans can look forward to waiting to see what Venla has in store for them. 

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Home is more than just the square footage we live in. It's also the significant corners around it. Find a Lumo home that best suits your lifestyle in our webstore or let us help find a home for you.

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