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The growing Vermonniitty one of the winners in the HSL ticket reform

In the brand-new residential area of Vermonniity, the inhabitants have exceptionally good services and the seashore is in the immediate vicinity. The ticket reform of the Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) and the city bikes further improve the well-functioning public transport system in the area.


The future pharmacist Perttu Hietanen has lived right next door to Vermonniitty, Espoo, for more than two years. During that time, the shiny new residential area of Vermonniitty has risen to a rooftop height and brought more activity and services into the area.

Earlier, the feature that attracted people to move to the area was the special combination of services, transport links and nature. The outdoor recreational areas and the golf course of Tali, the peaceful seashores of Laajalahti and, for example, the nature house Villa Elfvik are only a stone's throw away. On the other hand, Sello of Leppävaara with its shopping centre, supermarkets, library and cultural halls is also just around the corner.

Hietanen has been following how the urban and modern Vermonniitty has gradually risen on a sparsely populated land next to Leppävaara. He finds the solution functional.

“The area where Vermonniitty has risen is very peaceful and close to nature,” Hietanen estimates.

“However, Sello has provided me with everything I have ever needed in my everyday life, including cinema.”

Winners of the transport zone reform

Hietanen is particularly satisfied with the location and transport links of the area. No matter which direction you want to go, public transport will easily take you there. Hietanen has a direct and fast connection to both the campus and the city centre, and the train connections are excellent in the Vermonniitty area. He does not need a car.

Perttu Hietanen happily welcomes city bikes to Vermonniitty.

Hietanen points out that the residents in the region belong to the winners of the HSL zone reform, when travelling in the direction of Helsinki. Instead of having to buy a regional ticket, the residents can now travel with a cheaper ticket covering the zones A and B.

“My ticket will get 40 percent cheaper when the reform enters into force.”

At the end of summer 2018, the area where city bikes are in use expanded into the neighbouring areas of Leppävaara, including Vermonniitty. This year, the yellow bicycles will be in use the whole season. They offer an easy way to move around in the transport hubs of Espoo, and the same bikes can also be used in the Helsinki system.

The nearest city bike station to Hietanen is located in front of his home building.

“The bike gets me to Sello and the Leppävaara train station faster than a bus, and, even when taking a bus, they are only two stops away,” Hietanen explains.


When Vermonniity is completed, a brand-new school, daycare centre and the area’s own grocery store will be opened. Even today, the residents have access to the excellent services in the neighbouring areas. The 170 stores and entertainment facilities of Sello shopping centre are less than one kilometre away.


The commuter train stops at Mäkkylä station right next to Vermonniitty, and, for example, all Turku trains can be reached at the next station from Leppävaara. The cross-traffic buses run at short intervals, and when the Jokeri light rail project is realised, the journey will become even faster. By car, Ring I and the Turunväylä highway can be reached in a flash.


Those interested in equestrian sports can enjoy harness racing at least once a week on the Vermo Racetrack, where international competitions are held in addition to domestic ones. The arena hosts other events as well.

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