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The best thing about Kannelmäki is the peace and quiet

Kannelmäki is a place where services, good transport links and the calming proximity to forests meet.


“Right now, I cannot come up with any reason why I would should leave Kannelmäki. There are a lot of services here and, for example, several gym entrepreneurs. I myself frequent the gym at the shopping centre Kaari, where I can also take care of my shopping on the same visit. Kannelmäki is also easy to reach by train or bus, and the transport links function in many directions,” describes Raisa Kinnunen.

Raisa Kinnunen appreciates the cultural offering of Kanneltalo and the local library.

Kanneltalo, located by the train station, offers high-quality culture, such as various concerts. Kannelmäki Library operates in the same premises. As the latest change in the neighbourhood, Kinnunen mentions the three big murals that bring colour to the landscape.

However, the thing that she most values about her residential area is the tranquility and a certain kind of predictability, which one learns to appreciate after having lived in the city centre. Raisa Kinnunen moved to her boyfriend's apartment in Kannelmäki from Punavuori four years ago, when moving in together became a topical question.

“I'm an outdoorsy person, so my favourite place is the park that follows the riverbank, which is a nice outdoor recreation area. The Central Park is also near, so it doesn’t take long to get into the woods. I know the region well, because I lived my childhood in Malminkartano, next to Kannelmäki,” Kinnunen says.

As an elementary school teacher, she has also paid attention to the outdoor play equipment of the newly renovated Vanhaistenpuisto park, where fourth graders wanted to go to play on a recent walk.

“It’s a good and safe spot for a playground, and there are no roads nearby. In the sports park, there’s also a skating rink and a new scooting area, and the Trumpettipuisto park, next to the sports park, has a good sledding hill.”


Kannelmäki has an exceptionally wide range of services to offer, since the shopping centre Kaari with is supermarkets, specialty shops and restaurants is located there. In addition, the services provided to the residents of the area include a primary school and secondary school, several daycare centres, a health centre, pharmacy, church and library.


Kannelmäki has excellent public transport links. Helsinki city centre is easily and quickly reached by train or by bus, and the Ring Rail Line takes residents to the airport easily and comfortably. By car, Kannelmäki is a good place to start off in any direction, since the main routes, Vihditie, Hämeenlinnanväylä and Ring 1, all run nearby.


The lush landscape of Kannelmäki offers a nice setting for outdoor activities or, say, a picnic by a small river. The Central Park is also only a short distance away.

27.2.2019 (Modified 29.7.2021)

Text Päivi Maaniitty

Images Anni Koponen

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