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Something to do on dark evenings

Constantly darkening evenings and the longing to be somewhere warm and sunny sometimes seem to form an impossible equation. Lumo has good tips for bringing some warmth and closeness to the long dark season.


Let’s play a game together – 3 x board game

1. Wingspan. Now that the birds have flown south to spend the winter in warmer climates, you can spot them while playing this beautifully illustrated board game.

2. Flamme rouge. In this bicycle racing game, suitable for the whole family, you get to participate in the Tour de France. Change into new gear for winter cycling!

3. 10 days to Europe. Schoolchildren can discover various European countries while playing this game, which is about players taking a 10-day trip across Europe. Happy travels!

3 x virtual journey

1. Get to know far-away wilderness. At, you can have a spectacular trip to various national parks all over the world. Dim your lights, put on your headphones and enjoy!

2. Use the Street View in Google Maps to explore new places. What does the Taj Mahal look like? How about the pyramids of Giza? Spice up the experience by finding a playlist of music from your destination.

3. reveals what different countries, places and destinations look like through the eyes of travellers through their own cameras. The site also features Finnish YouTubers and bloggers.

18.12.2020 (Modified 20.5.2022)

Text Otavamedia

Images Elvi Rista

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