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Everyone can influence shared housing costs by controlling the temperature of their home. You can also save energy by making the right decisions in daily life. Small things matter: making your own energy consumption more efficient is the fastest and cheapest way to reduce the need to build more power plants. Saving energy also helps the climate and lowers your electricity bill.


Tips for efficient heating

  • Put up a thermometer on one of the interior walls of your apartment and monitor changes in temperature.
  • Recommended room temperatures: normal rooms 20–22 °C, bathrooms 21–23 °C
  • Adjust the thermostats on your radiators to lower the temperature as needed. Do not let the shared heat escape by ventilating your home!
  • Keeping the temperature lower by one degree reduces heating costs by five per cent.
  • A radiator with a temperature of 30 °C feels cool to the touch. Nevertheless, it is effective in keeping a room warm at 20–22 °C.

One third of the heating energy consumed in people’s homes goes into heating the water. This means that water consumption is directly related to energy costs. The biggest sources of electricity consumption are cooking, dishwashers and washing machines.

Save energy

  • Minimise your use of hot water and take quick showers.
  • Do not leave the water running for no reason.
  • Wash full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher and use the economy mode on your appliances.
  • Heat your sauna prudently and only for as long as you use it.
  • Switch off home appliances and other devices after use.
  • Replace your lamps with energy-saving lamps.

The consumption of heat, water and property electricity is monitored monthly. You can view your building’s heat, water and property electricity consumption data on your building’s consumption data page (click on my building, choose your city, choose your building, click on building information).

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7.2.2017 (Modified 17.6.2021)

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