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Play of light

If there is something good about the dark time of the year, it’s the opportunity it provides to play and create a different atmosphere with seasonal lighting. For instance, LED lights are energy-efficient and safe. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, and they light up the surroundings without a risk of fire. That’s why they are also great for families with children and pets.


Popular long light strings crisscross on balconies, but you can also put string lights in a beautiful glass container or a lantern instead of a candle. You can create a beautiful composition by placing pine twigs in a vase and twirling string lights around the twigs.

It’s often best to group the lighting together to create impressive arrangements than add individual lights here and there. String lights can also be used to accentuate the most beautiful spots in your home. You can create a work of art by compiling an arrangement of lights, beautiful objects and plants on a dresser, for instance. You can also use string lights to create a frame for a mirror or painting.

Lights are most often hung on balconies and in living rooms, but they work well in other rooms, too. Try organising an impressive light arrangement in the hallway and the atmospheric lights will greet you every time you come home! In the children’s room, a happy string light keeps ghosts at bay, and what could make a table setting more festive than adding string lights on the table.

Seasonal lights come in many shapes and colours. Are you a friend of the traditional sphere lights in muted colours or do you like to go crazy with bold tones? The latest additions to interior decoration include light boxes where you can write your favourite thought or wish everyone a happy Christmas.


Text Paula Ristimäki

Images istockphoto

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