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Laajasalo is hip, but not too hip

Anastasia Monastyreva likes living in the scenic Laajasalo of Helsinki, as she has everything she needs right there.


“In a way Laajasalo is an island with a great sense of community. If you go somewhere and happen to meet someone from Laajasalo, you get an immediate feeling that you are part of the same gang,” says Monastyreva from Laajasalo.

Monastyreva has lived in Laajasalo on two occasions. Ten years ago, she found her first rental apartment there, and after having lived in Kallio and Roihuvuori for a little while, she wanted to return to Laajasalo.

“Laajasalo is hip, but not overly hip, just to a suitable extent,” she describes.

According to Monastyreva, you can find everything you could possibly need in Laajasalo. In Laajasalo, you have not only nature, seascapes and jogging trails, but also a new shopping centre and services nearby, a golf course, a tennis hall and a hall for other ball games, a ball game arena, a skating rink, gyms, a yoga club, a movie club and a local food circle.

One of Anastasia Monastyreva’s favourite places in Laajasala are the rocks at the end of Reposalmentie.

Monastyreva also likes the relaxed atmosphere that is generated when people from all walks of life get along with each other.

“There is a nice variety of people here, and nobody feels like they are left outside. In Laajasalo, people help their neighbours and actively interact with other residents.”

If her own home is not taken into account, as her favourite place Monastyreva mentions the new shopping centre where several local entrepreneurs are operating. Another favourite place are the rocks at the end of Reposalmentie, where people have barbecues in summer and where they can go swimming.

“If you love nature, the sea and lush greenness, and like to interact with people, this is the place to move into. The public transport links to the city centre are also good, the roads are in good condition and well designed, and there is hardly any congestion.”


The most important services, such as a daycare centre, a school and a grocery store, can be found in the Laajasalo area.


Public transport between Laajasalo and other parts of Helsinki is managed via the Herttoniemi metro station, from where the connecting bus lines carry the Laajasalo residents to their homes. Outside the operating hours of the metro, there is a night bus connection from the Helsinki Railway Square to Laajasalo.

The construction of the Crown Bridges, scheduled to begin shortly, will make Laajasalo a more integral part of the city centre and enable a tram connection from the city centre to Laajasalo.


Laajasalo is a city district surrounded by greenery and the sea. It is not only an attractive residence area, but also a diverse recreation area, whose popularity is bound to increase with the construction of the Crown Bridges.

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