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Kilo’s main draws are its natural environment and good transport links – “There’s something magnetic about this place”

Espoo’s Kilo district attracts people of all ages who want to live in a peaceful location that is close to nature but also has good public transport connections to Helsinki.


Many people are familiar with Espoo’s Leppävaara district and its diverse services, but the Kilo district located next to it remains less well-known to the general public.  However, Lotta Nyrhilä, 30, knows Kilo like the back of her hand. She was born and raised in Kilo and has now settled down in the area after years living abroad.

“After graduating from senior secondary school, I studied in Tallinn and, later on, Sweden. After that, I returned to Kilo by way of Kauniainen, since my parents still live here and my brother is also planning to move to the area. I want to live near my support network,” Nyrhilä says.

Nyrhilä’s parents originally moved to the Helsinki region from Ostrobothnia. They wound up in Kilo because that is where they found their daughter a spot in a daycare centre. At school, she was put in an English language immersion class. The Kilonpuiston koulu comprehensive school still provides excellent opportunities for bilingual learning.

“The language immersion has benefited me a lot in my life.”

According to Nyrhilä, quite a few of her childhood friends from Kilo have returned to live in the area as adults.

“There’s something magnetic about this place,” says Nyrhilä with a laugh.

“I like how peaceful and convenient the area is. All the services are close by and the Helsinki centre is only a short train ride away.”

Great for families with children

Niklas Mannfolk, 36, moved from Helsinki’s Jätkäsaari district to Kilo a year and a half ago. Mannfolk and his partner wanted to trade their rental apartment for a larger one and found the perfect 102 square metre home for a family of four in a newly constructed building.

“My partner and I noticed we were yearning for more personal space and privacy. Rent in Kilo is noticeably lower than in Helsinki.”

Mannfolk admits the couple was slightly worried about how long their commute would be after the move, but it quickly became clear that commuting and taking the children to their hobbies did not take any longer than it did in Helsinki.

“Kilo may seem remote, but everything is close by and the public transport links are excellent. You can reach the Helsinki city centre in fifteen minutes. There are a lot of large urban centres close by, but you still feel like you’re living in a small village,” says Mannfolk, describing the area.

Mannfolk also praises the area’s peaceful atmosphere and the good services and opportunities for free time activities. The local supermarket is within cycling or walking distance and also provides postal services. There is a jogging trail right outside his front door and the nearby Keran Hallit centre hosts various city and cultural events. The grounds of Keran Hallit also include various sports premises, such as a padel court and gym.

“Keran Hallit has a lot of potential for other things as well. There are also hobbies for children available near Kela: the Leppävaara outdoor swimming pool and its swim schools as well as football fields. The beach is only a short bike ride away, too.”

Lumo Apartments in Kilo

Away from the concrete jungle

Ulrika Hovio, 26, has lived in Kilo for a year. She moved from Turku to Espoo for love and has really enjoyed her time in Kilo. Hovio and her partner live in a two-room apartment with a sauna.

“I really like Kilo. At one point, I lived in Helsinki because of a summer job, and I can tell Espoo suits me much better. Even though we live right next to the train station, the area is peaceful and really nice in general. People of all ages live here: young adults, families with children and retirees.”

Hovio names good transportation links as the best part about Kilo.

“I commute to my job in Helsinki by car, but I also appreciate well-functioning public transportation.”

Hovio also enjoys Kilo’s proximity to nature. For her, Kilo a great place to live for people who want to reach large urban centres quickly, while still living somewhere that’s green and far from the concrete jungle.

Hovio enjoys jogging and, in winter, cross-country skiing. Nestled in the middle of Kilo’s fields is the rocky, forested area known as Käärmekallio, which is a favourite jogging spot for many locals.

“Leppävaara Sports Park has great ski tracks. I skied there several times a week last winter.”

Kilo in a nutshell

  • Kilo is a district in Espoo’s Greater Leppävaara region.
  • The Kilo district includes the Karamalmi, Kuninkainen, Friisinmäki, Nihtisilta, Nuijala and Lansa areas.
  • In addition to Leppävaara, Kilo’s neighbouring districts include Viherlaakso, Karakallio, Laajalahti, Mankkaa and Sepänkylä. The small town of Kauniainen is also located nearby.
  • The Helsinki region commuter trains E, L and U stop at Kilo railway station.
  • Lower and upper level comprehensive schools, a daycare centre and a horse riding school can all be found in the area.
  • The Sello shopping centre in Leppävaara is located a couple of kilometres away and offers 200 different shops in addition to cafés and restaurants.
  • There are three Lumo properties in the area: Kilonpurontie, Kilonportti and Forstmestarinpiha.

2.7.2021 (Modified 1.6.2022)

Text Irene Naakka

Images Pia Inberg

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Home is more than just the square footage we live in. It's also the significant corners around it. Find a Lumo home that best suits your lifestyle in our webstore or let us help find a home for you.

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