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Is there anything better than Veromies?

Situated in Vantaa, Veromies is an outstanding residential area with a bright future. The area is an optimal combination of natural scenery and services.


Located close to the airport, Veromies is part of the larger Aviapolis area and is planned to become its centre. In terms of transport, the location is ideal: through the Aviapolis station, Ring III and Tuusulanväylä motorway, the world is your oyster. The light rail of Vantaa is also planned to run through Veromies. If you desire a longer trip, the airport is very close.

Tarja Leppänen finds Veromies a peaceful place to live.

“The public transport is extremely efficient. The bus routes run in all the directions and the Aviapolis railway station connects the area to the Ring Rail Line. I can reach Helsinki in half an hour and take a train to visit my children in Kaivoksela and Espoo. I don’t even need a car now that my commute is only 3.5 kilometres,” rejoices Tarja Leppänen who lives in a Lumo home in Pyhtäänkorventie.

Leppänen has lived in Veromies for a little over a year. She originally moved from Central Finland to Vantaa with her son. When he moved out, the home became too large for her needs.

“I dreamed about coming here to the south as I’ve spent most of my life in the countryside. If I was going to move into an apartment building, I really wanted to live in a balcony access block. I also wanted to live closer to my children, the sea and the airport. All of these dreams came true.”

Veromies area is an optimal combination of natural scenery and services.

Leppänen finds Veromies a peaceful place to live. There is only occasional construction noise from next door where they are renovating terraced houses designed by Alvar Aalto.

“I love this area for its forests and nature. My message to developers would be to leave some wild spots in the residential areas, it’s vitally important to people and all the animals living in nature.”

The services, such as shops, a health care centre and diverse sports and activities, are also close. Leppänen is looking forward to the expansion of Aviapolis and its positive impact on the immediate surroundings.

The public transport is extremely efficient.


The services of shopping centre Jumbo, Flamingo Entertainment Centre and the districts of Tammisto and Pakkala are within two kilometres of Veromies.


The Ring Rail Line provides the residents of Veromies with easy access to Helsinki city centre, Helsinki Airport and other Finnish cities. There are also many bus routes running through the area.


Veromies is a peaceful residential area surrounded by nature. The business hub located in nearby Aviapolis hosts tens of thousands of jobs.

17.3.2020 (Modified 11.6.2021)

Text Tarja Västilä

Images Sami Heiskanen

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