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In Vermonniitty, both the dog and the owner thrive: “Here we have plenty of good outdoor terrain”

Sanna Plaami and Capo dog have settled in Vermonniitty comfortably. The nature trails, the sea, the Sello Shopping Centre with its services and the numerous leisure activities near their home make the everyday life of this active couple rewarding.


Capo dog struts energetically towards its destination, the dog park, which is located just a short distance from their home.

“It would always go to the dog park if it had a choice,” says Capo's owner Sanna Plaami, 39 years old.

On its familiar and safe route, Capo stops to smell the sidewalk or to greet other dogs who have also gone for an afternoon walk with their owners. This time, there are no friends in the dog park’s small dog area, but it is still nice to visit the park and run around free.

“The Basenji dog breed has such a strong hunting instinct that, in the city environment, I can only let it run free in the dog park. Fortunately, there are two dog parks and a lot of dog friends in the area,” says Plaami.

When Capo has done enough running and sniffing and left his greetings to other dogs coming to the dog park, the walk continues towards Tali along idyllic gravel roads. Walkers, joggers and, of course, other dogs pass by.

Ease of living

Sanna Plaami moved to her apartment in Vermonniitty, Espoo, about three years ago from Järvenperä, which is located in the northern part of Espoo.

“I wanted to live in an area where there are more people and things to do, and everything is closer. My friends who also have dogs live here. It's nice to have friends with dogs almost next door.” The second reason for moving here was the ease of living.

“I used to live in a terraced house, where I had to remove snow in the winter, for example. You don't have to think about such things in an apartment building, so life is stress-free. I even managed to rent a parking space in the underground car park, so I no longer have to look for a parking space or dig my car out of the snow in the winter.”

When there was water damage in the previous apartment for reasons beyond Plaami's control, she finally reached her saturation point and wanted to move into a completely new home. A suitable 32 square metre one-bedroom apartment with a good layout was found in Vermonniitty.

“It was wonderful to move into an apartment where everything is in order! This home is perfect for me and Capo. I spent a great deal of time in the apartment during COVID-19, as I only worked remotely.”

Services conveniently close by

Vermonniitty is a new neighbourhood for many, but it is growing fast. Plaami's apartment building was one of the first to be built on the block, so she had a chance to observe the development of the area. A lot of new owner-occupied and rented apartments will be built in Vermonniitty. A large grocery store will soon be constructed at the heart of the residential area.

All important services are located nearby, as the Sello Shopping Centre with its shops, banks, restaurants, cinemas, cultural facilities and library is located in Leppävaara, right next to Vermonniitty.

“I usually go to Sello when I have errands to run. I also sometimes drive to the Kauppakeskus Kaari shopping centre, which is also quite close by. However, I quite often order lunch via Wolt while working at home instead of going to a restaurant,” says Plaami.

Public transport serves the residents of Vermonniitty in a variety of ways. From the nearby Mäkkylä stop, you can board a commuter train and travel to Helsinki or other parts of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. There are numerous buses running in the area – even Capo is a skilled bus passenger. The long-distance trains running between Helsinki and Turku stop at Leppävaara.

“It is easy to get to the centre of Helsinki by train. In the summer, I really prefer to cycle along the beautiful beach route, and it only takes about half an hour.”

It is convenient to travel to Vermonniitty by car along Ring 1 or the Turku Highway. Plaami, who works as a project coordinator, usually drives a few kilometres to her workplace in Pitäjänmäki.

“Capo's hobbies can also be reached quickly by car: the Tuomarinkartano Greyhound Centre, agility venues and Sipoo Dog Forest, where Capo can run completely free.”

Miles and miles of jogging

Sanna Plaami and Capo are an active and athletic couple, for whom exercising is a way of life. Running is light footed and even a longer distance goes smoothly – evening runs can stretch up to 10 kilometres in the versatile surroundings of Vermonniitty.

There are plenty of peaceful walking routes in the middle of forest areas. A beautiful seashore opens up on the Laajalahti side, where you can climb to the bird tower to admire the magnificent sea views of the capital region. Cows graze on the shore of Laajalahti in the summer, which is much to Capo’s enjoyment.

“The most wonderful walking route runs along the Läntinen Tarvonsilta bridge, next to the Tarvaspää museum area, to Munkkivuori. It is always nice to walk by the sea and, in winter, we can walk on the ice.”

The Vermo Racetrack is located almost next door to Plaami's home, and the couple has visited the races even together. For Capo, horses warming up and practicing near the hiking trails have caused the most wonder in their new residential area. Capo is such a curious dog that it just can’t get enough of following them.

“Capo is also running races, so ever since we visited the harness races, Capo has wanted to run on the track,” says Plaami laughing.

Ski trails and golf courses

Sometimes Capo stays at home when Plaami engages in her own hobbies. Being alone is not a problem for Capo, as it has been trained to be alone since it was a puppy.

Nearby Tali offers Sanna Plaami a wide range of leisure activities in a high-quality setting.

“In the summer, I play golf in Tali. In the winter, I enjoy the wonderful ski tracks in Tali. There is also a great, popular frisbee golf course in Tali.”

Last but not least, a football field and an outdoor gym were just established in Vermonniitty, which delights Plaami.

“I used to go to the outdoor gym in Tali, a short distance away. It's so nice that now the outdoor gym is right behind my own house.”

Sanna Plaami's recommendations for outdoor activities in Vermonniitty

  1. Walking along the Läntinen Tarvonsilta bridge towards Munkkivuori – a beautiful route especially in summer.
  2. The beautiful beach route in Laajalahti and the bird tower – there you can also walk on the ice in winter.
  3. The woods of Tali, including the dog parks – gentle gravel roads to walk next to your own home.

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Home is more than just the square footage we live in. It's also the significant corners around it. Find a Lumo home that best suits your lifestyle in our webstore or let us help find a home for you.

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