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Family life in the city centre

Alexa Dagmar is a blogger and the mother of a young son who values style and the smooth daily life that her family’s Lumo home makes possible.


We found this Lumo home in June 2018 and just fell in love with it. Every inch of space is carefully considered, the building is centrally located and the view is simply wonderful. This is our first home that really feels like home.

When we moved to this Lumo home, it was clear to us that we would live here for a long time. This old 1920s building had recently been comprehensively renovated, so everything looked new and exuded quality. Thanks to the neutral surface materials, it was easy to make our home reflect our own style.

This is what Alexa Dagmar’s Lumo home looked like before

A few years after we moved, our family got bigger. The well-designed floor plan of our home made it easy to adapt the home to the needs of a family. We turned the previous home office into a nursery, leaving enough space for a small work corner separated by a sheer curtain.

Space for the family’s baby was created in the room previously used as the home office.
There is also a small work corner in the nursery.

A central location is something you really appreciate when you have a small child.


A central location is something you really appreciate when you have a small child. There’s a comprehensive range of services in the area, including everything from lovely cafés to shops and parks, as well as excellent opportunities for spending time outdoors by the sea.

The building also has a spacious storage room for prams, a lift, a Posti parcel terminal and a laundry room – all of which make life easier for a young family.

People often say that having a child changes your approach to interior design. The occasional mess and chaos can’t be avoided in family life (as far as I know), but it isn’t that serious! We haven’t set out to change our style after having a child.

Alexa’s approach to interior design hasn’t changed after having a child.
Alexa Dagmar in her Lumo home.

We have always enjoyed having a home with a simple style and I make interior design choices together with my husband. We have been together for 12 years, so our tastes are pretty well aligned, which is nice! Interior design and home improvement are shared passions for us. We like having a harmonious home with light tones. High-quality natural materials and cosy lighting help create a nice atmosphere and add a bit of personality.

In addition to being in attractive buildings in good locations, Lumo homes offer excellent service quality. The stairwell is always tidy and the residents are well looked after. With over three years of first-hand experience, I give Lumo homes my warmest recommendation!

Alexa Dagmar


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