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Espoo's living room by the sea – Finnoo is the perfect place for nature lovers

Espoo will be home to an ecological seaside district for residents interested in unique nature and modern architecture. Explore the rapidly evolving Finnoo.


Finnoo is currently under construction, and the seaside district is planned to be completed in the 2030s, providing homes for 17,000 residents. Various modern details and distinctive choices of colours changing from one area to another add to the unique characteristics of the district.

Finnoo metro station is decorated with artworks created by upper secondary school students from Kaitaa.

Project Manager Kimmo Leivo is in charge of the development of the area and has been working on Finnoo for a decade. He especially appreciates the building plan of Finnoo.

"There are no grid layouts or closed blocks here. The houses are decentralised, creating a sense of openness which makes the area breathe," he describes.

Although construction work in the area will continue for a long time, efforts are being made to ensure that residents can live in peace and quiet. That is why the construction of Finnoo has been planned as a staggered process; even though construction work is constantly happening somewhere, residents can rest assured that the work will not bother them for very long.

"After all, we don't want the residents to feel like they're living in the middle of a construction site," Leivo points out with a smile.

Comprehensive services within metro distance

As Finnoo is still evolving, not all services can be found on your doorstep. However, this is no cause for concern as, according to Leivo, the services will become available in time. The area has already included services such as the heavily requested and immediately popular playground and outdoor gym equipment. Even now, more comprehensive services are quickly accessible with a short metro trip or car ride away in Matinkylä's Iso Omena shopping centre, for example. Helsinki city centre can also be reached by metro in 20 minutes.

According to Kimmo Leivo, the metro offers great transport connections to and from Finnoo.

“Finnoo's transport connections are still developing, but access to the metro means that transport to and from the area is already easy and convenient. The metro began to run here in December 2022, which is a big advantage," Leivo continues.

Nature and birdwatching on your doorstep

Finnoo treats nature lovers to lush hiking trails. Espoo's rantaraitti (hiking and cycling route on the waterfront) and various nature trails, for example, are just a stone's throw away. Appreciation of nature is also reflected in the building process as the developers aim to preserve and protect the area's valuable nature even in the construction phase.

The trails in Finnoo attract visitors, even in winter.

Finnoo is already a popular destination for outdoor activities, thanks to its nature trails and the Suomenoja bird pond. The bird pond is one of the best places in Espoo for watching birds and enjoying the diverse and rich nature of the area," says nature photographer Paul Stevens.

"Spring and summer are the best times for birdwatching at the pond. However, I tend to visit here all year round, as it is nice to see the change of seasons. There are plenty of jogging trails as well," he says.

Diverse, fascinating and soothing. These are the words Stevens would choose to describe the nature in Finnoo. In addition to birds, the bird pond is home to a large number of other animals that are fun to spot. Stevens remembers seeing a weasel, some foxes and a large variety of birds, among other species.

In Finnoo, you can spot at least these birds:

  1. Gadwall
  2. European robin
  3. Common goldeneye
Paul Stevens enjoys Finnoo's unique nature.

Paul Stevens encourages everyone to explore the area.

"It's a great place to visit! It also provides an opportunity to teach children how to conduct themselves in nature, respectful of plants and animals. Remember to keep your dogs on a leash do not disturb the birds," says Stevens.

Trailblazing zone for sustainable development

Finnoo is becoming a trailblazing zone for sustainable development. Therefore, the builders selected for Finnoo are required to commit to solutions that promote the energy efficiency of buildings. In addition to the environment, these choices benefit all the residents as energy efficiency means more moderate operating costs.

So what is the best thing about Finnoo? According to Kimmo Leivo, Finnoo's seaside location and nature are what makes the district stand out:

"This is a completely new area without any disadvantages brought about by old buildings or industry. Finnoo is an easy place to enjoy the waterfront and the harbour. In the future, Finnoo will become a seaside living room for Espoo residents," he adds.


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