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Ensure a peaceful Christmas for your neighbours

Traditionally, Christmastime is about peace and quiet for many people. Bear in mind, however, that not all people celebrate Christmas in the same way. Some of us are working over Christmas, while others do not celebrate Christmas at all.


Christmas is a time for families and loved ones to gather and spend a joyous time together. For many people, Christmas is also about respecting traditions and enjoying the peace and quiet.

During Christmas holidays, some people prefer to enjoy the Christmas Peace, while others like to throw a lively Christmas party. Sounds of living are a normal part of Christmas as well. You might hear your neighbours singing Christmas carols, children exclaiming with enthusiasm and apartment doors opening and closing many times a day as guests or Santa Claus visit the apartments. Remember to be understanding towards your neighbours and keep the building regulations in mind during Christmastime as well. It is not allowed to make noise after 10 p.m., and this applies to Christmas holidays as well.

Christmas is also the time of giving. Maybe you should thank your neighbour for good neighbourliness? Or remember them by ensuring a peaceful and quiet Christmas?

While Christmas is a wonderful time for many people, it can be a difficult season for people who are lonely. If you know that your neighbour is spending Christmas alone, why not cheer them up with a Christmas card or self-made Christmas treats?

People have different preferences

You can put up as many Christmas lights and decorations you like inside your apartment, just keep fire safety in mind. You can also hang a small wreath on your apartment door, but it is not allowed to have any other items or decorations in the stairway. This also includes items like small Christmas trees, as all unnecessary items in the stairway are a fire safety hazard.

You can decorate your balcony with Christmas lights, but please be mindful of your neighbours. Gleaming or bright lights might bother your neighbours at night. You can also get together with your neighbours to decide which kind of Christmas lights are put up this year. Uniform lighting also looks good when viewed from afar. Please also keep in mind that it is not allowed to burn outdoor candles on the balcony, and candles burnt inside the apartment must always be guarded.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas

There are many people who do not celebrate Christmas at all. The reasons for this can be related to work shifts, personal choices or cultural differences. There are also many different ways to celebrate Christmas. It is good to have an open mind and show interest towards different kinds of customs and ways of living.

Be sure to allow other people to enjoy Christmas, even if you would not be the biggest fan of Christmas yourself. “Treat others as you want to be treated” applies here as well.

We wish a peaceful Christmastime for all residents,

Lumo Housing Advisors Veera ja Riikka


Text Veera Kantola and Riikka Pasanen

Images Essi Lyytikäinen and Istock

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