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Empathetic problem-solving – The role of a Lumo property manager

A property manager's work involves close teamwork with various housing professionals. It's essential to keep connections open in all directions.


Abdiasis Guleid has been a Lumo property manager for nearly three years. Initially starting as a summer worker, Guleid became enthusiastic about continuing in his role. He currently manages 24 Lumo buildings in Kerava, Tuusula, and Järvenpää. The Lumo buildings under Guleid's care have around 900 residents.

Collaboration with housing professionals

The role of a property manager involves a variety of tasks.

Guleid begins his workday at the computer. In the mornings, he checks emails and notifications from residents and takes the necessary actions.

Solving problems gives Guleid a good feeling and various challenges are tackled by other Lumo staff and external partners.

"I work closely with sales negotiators, property secretaries, customer service, and technical property managers. This is a team effort," Guleid summarises.

Among external partners, a property manager most frequently liaises with the maintenance company. Still, the repertoire also includes contractors, appliance repair companies, and electricians.

"In this job, you must always keep your senses open in all directions."

Empathy skills are important in the work of a property manager.

Social skills are crucial

Residents have praised Guleid for handling matters over the phone rather than just through messages. Hearing another person's voice gives a more robust sense that issues are being addressed by a real person.

"I always try to put myself in the resident's shoes, making it easier to solve the challenges. Being present is very important, and I try to handle things by phone as much as possible," Guleid reflects.

Guleid, who is social and empathetic, has earned compliments for his presence in the residents' daily lives and his genuine interest in their affairs.

Fostering community spirit is important

Guleid is a property manager both for smaller and larger Lumo buildings.

In addition to partners and colleagues, Guleid also keeps in touch with the Lumo teams, which consist of residents. About half of the properties managed by Guleid have active Lumo teams. The teams and the property manager organise activities together, such as yard work days and various outdoor events.

"I decided to organise a yard work day at a building that hadn't been done before. I gathered a Lumo team, and the news about the event spread through them to the building's residents."

"It was great to see all the building's residents participating in the yard work day. They thanked me for organising it and promised to continue with more yard work days in the future," Guleid recalls with a smile.

Lumo buildings are maintained with inspections

After handling notifications, emails, and calls, Guleid often gets behind the wheel and heads to the Lumo buildings he manages. On-site, he conducts move-out inspections, checks the condition of vacant apartments, or ensures that common areas are clean and tidy. 

Inspections and visits must be carefully scheduled, and tasks must be prioritised. Residents' notifications are at the top of the priority list.

Guleid manages both larger and smaller Lumo buildings. Different properties make the job of a property manager interesting – in smaller buildings, every corner and resident becomes familiar. In comparison, larger buildings house more residents and require different management than smaller properties.

After visiting the site, Guleid continues his workday on his laptop, sometimes at his favourite café in Järvenpää, sometimes at home or the office. He reviews new emails and notifications before the end of the day and revisits them again in the morning.


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