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Close-knit and communal Jätkäsaari

Laura Mäki’s family has everything it needs in the quickly developing Jätkäsaari. The restaurants, hobbies and services within walking distance are excellent time-savers, and even the city centre is only a stone’s throw away.


Laura Mäki moved to Helsinki’s Jätkäsaari with her spouse and child in 2014 when the new, southern city district was still being built.

“We were interested in living close to the city centre.”

In six years, Jätkäsaari has been developed and completed in a flash, and the Mäki family has really taken to the area. The sense of community in Jätkäsaari was one of the positive surprises. The residents love to organise events and activities, and the local businesses often offer their collaboration.

“We have been wondering if the residents and operators of new areas tend to work harder to develop a sense of community and team spirit,” says Mäki.

Hyväntoivonpuisto Park is located at the heart of Jätkäsaari. The new green space has made the area even more cosy.

Time for important things in life

Over time, the excellent location of Jätkäsaari has turned out to be increasingly important. As both of the parents work downtown, the everyday commutes are quick and easy. Work, day care and hobbies are within a walking distance, and all the services are nearby. There is no need to even check the timetables of public transport when heading out; the trams run often and take less than 10 minutes to reach Kamppi.

“We save so much time in transport. That’s a big plus for us.”

Occasionally, Jätkäsaari has been mentioned in the news due to traffic jams in the port. However, Laura Mäki points put that the ship traffic does not impact the everyday lives of residents; only a small part of Jätkäsaari is affected by the congestion caused by departing and arriving ships, and it clears itself quickly.

The orange footbridge nearby has been dubbed by the locals as Rokkiporkkana (‘rock'n roll carrot’). It was transported to its location by water and its arrival was quite a phenomenon.

The orange footbridge nearby has been dubbed by the locals as Rokkiporkkana (‘rock & roll carrot’). It was transported to its location by water and its arrival was quite a phenomenon.

Hobbies around the corner

The excellent location means outstanding opportunities for hobbies, sports and activities. Mäki sings in a choir consisting of residents from Jätkäsaari and Ruoholahti who meet every week at a chapel nearby. The family takes walks to the seashore. The children love the artificial skating rink opened next to the terminals and the school where they can skate even when it is raining.

The great selection of restaurants is one of the most distinctive characteristics of Jätkäsaari.

“We love eating out, and now we live near some really high-quality restaurants.”

In the future, the area will offer even more opportunities for sports enthusiasts as the previous storage facility Bunkkeri will feature a large sports centre and a swimming hall in addition to new apartments.

“We are looking forward to its opening.”

Peaceful Jätkäsaari invites you to stay

Despite its central location, Mäki feels that Jätkäsaari is very peaceful. Outside the occasional sounds of urban life, trams and seagulls, the area is often perfectly quiet. In the hectic everyday life of a young family, some peace is extremely welcome.

Recently, the family welcomed a new member, a native-born resident of Jätkäsaari. The current apartment is starting to feel slightly small for the growing family, and a change of address is in order.

“We feel at home in Jätkäsaari. We plan to stay here now and in the future,” says Laura.

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