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A dog’s view of the Veromies district

Most people think of the airport, terraced houses by Alvar Aalto, and the Aviapolis business hub when talking about the Veromies district. But what does man’s best friend think about it?


“I was invited to explore the Veromies residential area from a canine’s perspective. For me, the perspective is quite low, but they said it doesn’t matter. The main point is to understand what is important for dogs.

I must say that, to start with, I was quite suspicious about the whole area. They say you cannot judge anyone by their name, but the person who came up with ‘Vero’ probably did not know what it means—vero means tax and Veromies is the taxman! I come from the magnificent island of Suomenlinna sea fortress myself, so I’m sure you see why this name thing gave me some cause for concern.

That’s why I was pretty astonished when I arrived on Pyhtäänkorventie road and saw the small, cozy-looking residential area surrounded by forest. I mean a real forest, with trees and paths crisscrossing all over! We don’t have that on Suomenlinna, and I kind of miss it sometimes. So, I started by checking all the messages left in the forest and, of course, replied. A nice bunch seemed to have been around.

I must say, I was again surprised – so many shops and services just a short walk away!

As a city dog, I value services. That’s why I wiped the cobwebs off my nose and headed for the area’s service hub. I must say, I was again surprised – so many shops and services just a short walk away! We don’t have that even in South Helsinki! On such a sunny autumn day, it was nice to walk around the outlet zone. But, when it rains, I would rather go to shopping centre Jumbo.

At the end of the day, I had the privilege of a private viewing of one of the Lumo homes on Pyhtäänkorventie road. It was no everyday thing for me, but they said that for Lumo residents it is: dogs and all other pets are always welcome in all Lumo homes. Remarkable, isn’t it! Looking at the view over the forest from the sunny 6th floor balcony, I felt quite welcome. As if these homes were designed for us four-legged friends as well.”

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