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5 x travelling by land

Make a trip and travel by land!


1. Travel close to home, go check out a sight in your area or in the next town over and find the hidden gems of your region. Even a short trip takes your mind off the everyday hassle, and travelling shorter distances is more ecologically sustainable.

2. Take a walk or grab your bike and head off for a refreshing picnic in a park or in local nature with your family. Studies show that physical exercise and nature have a positive effect on both the body and the mind, and you do not need to travel to the edges of the Earth to find them. Your local parks and nature offer the same benefits.

3. Check out the nearest nature trails or hiking routes in national parks. Select a route that is not too long and matches the skill levels of your group. When the nights grow warmer, sleeping in a tent may be a great experience for children, as are hotdogs, bread on a stick or marshmallows toasted over a campfire.

4. Geocaching will introduce you to new places near and far. According to a January 2020 survey, there are 65,000 active geocaches in Finland. There are caches in each Finnish municipality, ranging from a couple of caches to hundreds of them. There are caches in public spaces, residential areas and in nature.

5. Take a train and enjoy a sustainable trip to another part of the country. An overnight train trip in a sleeping car from the south of Finland to Lapland is one of the most comfortable ways of travelling. Children also love the adventure of sleeping on board a train or taking a shorter train ride.


Text Anne Penttilä

Images Marjo Tynkkynen, Vesa Tyni / Otavamedia

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