Housing instructions

5 x Keep the heat in your Lumo home

With these simple tips, you can ensure that you keep warmth in and cold out.


  1. Measure the indoor temperature. The right place for measuring indoor temperature is about 1.1 metres from the floor in a place where you spend time in your home. The ideal home temperature is 20–22 degrees Celsius. When you use your hand to check how warm the radiator is, remember that the hand’s temperature is 37 degrees Celsius – much warmer than for example indoor air.
  2. Check that the radiator’s thermostat is in open position. A snowflake sign means that the radiator is off.
  3. Move large furniture and curtains, at least during the day, away from the radiators. This means they do not block heat from entering the rooms. Do not cover the radiators—for example, by placing wet clothes on them to dry.
  4. Check that the balcony door and all the windows are properly closed. Set the replacement air valves on windows to winter mode. In most cases, the valves are on the top frame of the windows. Do not keep the windows open for long time when ventilating.
  5. Listen whether the radiator makes a gurgling sound and check whether the top is cold while the lower part is warm. If this is the case, the radiator needs bleeding. Get a professional to do it by submitting a fault report in the My Lumo service.

When all this is done, and the temperature in your home still remains below 20 degrees Celsius, submit a fault report in the My Lumo service.

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