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In Ellinoora’s home, logic and chaos go hand in hand

Ellinoora, who is a self-confessed former house party-goer, values the warm and bohemian atmosphere of her home, escaping to an offline status and always sleeping well in her own home.


Ellinoora’s “3 favourite things at home”

Living room chair

“I always sit in it when I come home and before going to sleep. I bought it completely spontaneously. I knew I must have it, even if it didn’t fit in my car. It reminds me that you shouldn’t plan your life too carefully and that you must be able to take a different path every now and then.”


“The three little cactus plants are the first plants I’ve managed to keep alive and that are not plastic. I travel a lot, so keeping plants alive isn’t so easy for me. They have now survived for a year, which is a big accomplishment for me. I have also bought more plants, but I haven’t been able to become attached to them yet. Plants make me feel like an adult as it shows I’m capable of looking after something other than just myself.”

Walk-in closet

“I used to dream of a walk-in closet of my own when I was little. Our home is a rented apartment, but it feels like our own home, and the closet is a small realm all of its own – a place no one else is allowed to enter. It also provides a safe space when you have to make difficult calls.”

(Extra) Records

“Many people ask me why our gold records and other awards are at home instead of on the walls of the recording studio. Quite simply, they give me strength whenever I doubt myself. They remind me that I’ve occasionally managed to succeed in the music business.”

Lumo residents: Musician Ellinoora and her partner

Home: a two-room apartment in an apartment building in Helsinki

Lumo residents is a series of content that showcases the residents of Lumo homes in their natural environment – their own home.

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2.10.2019 (Modified 16.6.2021)

Text Eveliina Heinonen

Images Viivi Huuska

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