Water fee in Lumo apartments

Water fee in Lumo apartments

Here you can find information on water fees charged in Lumo apartments. You can check the basis on which your water fee is billed and the amount of the fee in your tenancy agreement under “Utilities and direct compensation”.

Water fee based on the number of residents

Water fee based on the number of residents is charged monthly in connection with the rent. Be sureto inform our customer service if the number of residents changes.

Consumption-based water fee

Water fee based on consumption means that, as a resident, you only pay for your actual water consumption. This gives you the opportunity to influence your own water consumption and therefore your water costs and the carbon footprint of your home.

The maintenance of water consumption data and water billing is handled by Verto, which you can contact whenever you have any questions related to water consumption or billing:

VertoNordic plc, customer service

Lumo residents have free access to the Vesilasku.fi residents’ portal, which makes it easier to monitor personal water consumption:
Download login instructions for Vesilasku.fi (pdf)

Water fee included in the rent

In some Lumo apartments, the water fee is included in the rent. In this case, you do not pay a separate water fee based on the number of residents or consumption.