How is my application for an apartment progressing?

We offer apartments to applicants once apartments become available. Your application is included in the selection right after it has been activated, and the application is valid for three months. We do not use a queueing system, so the status of your application does not change at any stage of the process.

How are the tenants chosen?

With us, tenants can choose their own home from the Lumo online store. Learn about the apartments, choose the right home for you and rent your new home from our online store.

If the apartment has asset limits, the criteria of Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland ARA will be complied with in the tenant selection. This means the applicant´s income, assets and the need for an apartment are taken into account.

Read more about asset limits

How long will it take for me to get an apartment?

From the Lumo online store, you can rent an apartment starting from the next day!

If you have submitted an application for an apartment, it is hard to estimate how long it will take to find an apartment for you as it depends on the number of available apartments and your wishes regarding your future home. The most popular municipalities may have a lot of people who want to move in, so there may be tens of applicants for every available apartment.

I saw your ad about an interesting and available apartment on your website. Could it be offered to me?

If the apartment is on our Lumo online store, you can rent it right now.

However, our website and, for instance, the website include all apartments with terminated leases, also those already reserved for other future tenants. These apartments will only be removed from our website once new tenancy agreements have been signed.

Does my credit rating affect my getting an apartment?

We check the credit ratings of all applicants over 18 from the credit rating register maintained by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy. A negative credit rating does not have an effect on the applicant´s possibility of being offered an apartment from an asset-limited building. Negative credit ratings affect the amount of the rental deposit, making the rental deposit somewhere between 1-3 times the apartment´s monthly rent, depending on the negative credit rating´s type and amount. The normal rental deposit is EUR 250. We do not offer apartments to people who have rental arrears payable to us. In the Lumo online store, you can sign a lease if you don´t have a negative credit rating or rental arrears payable to us.

How long is the tenancy agreement I make?

  • In most of our rental apartments, the lease is valid until further notice. However, the contract includes a precondition on the first possible starting date of the term of notice. If you want to terminate your lease earlier than this, we will invoice a penalty, equivalent to one month´s rent, at the end of your contract.
  • The agreement you make via the Lumo webstore becomes valid immediately once you have paid the first month´s rent. The lease is a fixed-term agreement of six (6) months, which will be extended by an agreement valid until further notice, provided that neither party wishes to terminate the lease at the end of the initial six-month period. You can also sign a fixed-term agreement of three (3) months, which makes the rent slightly higher. New buildings will always have a twelve (12) month fixed-term agreement. If there are no problems related to your tenancy, we hope you will remain a Lumo tenant beyond the initial fixed-term period.
  • New buildings will always have a twelve (12) month fixed-term agreement that will be continued if both parties agree.

If there are no problems related to your tenancy, we hope you will remain a Lumo tenant beyond the initial fixed-term period.