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The home of my dreams

Jenni Kitusuo’s new home in Kallio is a cosy and beautifully decorated burrow, exactly the way she likes it. Natural materials and well-matched colours make the small home harmonious and inviting.


Entrepreneur Jenni Kitusuo has just finished her new home in Helsinki’s Kallio district. The home feels perfect and is exactly how she dreamed it would be. There are only a few more pieces of furniture on the wish list.

Lighting was the focus of the entrance hall renovation. The small table is a good place to set your keys when returning home. The straw hat is a souvenir from Bali.

Changes in her life prompted Kitusuo to look for a new home in Kallio. She likes the area: In Kallio, everything is close by, including some of her friends.

”I’m a proponent of less is more when it comes to interior decoration. ”

Kitusuo found a home in the right area, but the personal style of the former resident of the 41 square metre apartment in the old apartment building didn’t match hers. There wasn’t enough storage space and the colours didn’t feel like her. With the help of architect Saara Koljonen, whom she found through a mutual friend, Kitusuo began to think about the home she wanted to build within these four walls.

The new kitchen is compact and pretty as a picture. The soft colours, marble-like quartz surfaces and brass details create a modern look. yksityiskohdat tuovat sen tähän päivään.

Kitusuo and Koljonen hit it off immediately: the most important thing was to open the space up and make the apartment more roomy and cosy. For example, they opened the wall between the living room and dining area. The solution immediately made the apartment feel more spacious – the atmosphere changed significantly.

Kitchen is important

Kitusuo loves to invite her friends over and cook for them. That’s why the kitchen had to be functional.

The functions and cabinet frames were kept in place. The island counter was made deeper, creating more space to work. People can chat and cook together at the island. Bar stools can be placed in front of it to create more seats for guests. Wall cabinets were also installed in the kitchen, providing more storage space.

All walls were painted with Tikkurila’s colour Piazza. The colour creates a calm, cosy and soft background for the home and allows for versatile ways to decorate the space.

The living room is a stylish combination of new and old elements. Jenni Kitusuo saw a macramé on social media and was inspired by it. The piece hanging on the living room wall was commissioned from a friend.

Soft, natural shades and structured surfaces

Jenni often looks after her sister’s dog, Eddie, who also likes her apartment.

The colours used in the interior decoration gives a coherent look for the home. All furniture and textiles have soft, natural shades and structured surfaces. Next on Kitusuo’s wish list are newer and lighter dining chairs and a new sofa. There’s no rush – the goal is to find good-quality furniture that suits her.

Jenni Kitusuo draws a lot of interior decoration inspiration from social media. That’s where she got the idea for a bedroom behind sliding glass lattice doors. She managed to fit in the correct size mattress and, beneath it, a drawer that is almost the same width as the mattress.

“I’m a proponent of less is more when it comes to interior decoration. The storage solutions and furnishing in this apartment are perfect for my needs. I like that I don’t have a lot of clutter on display that needs to be dusted. I love the natural light coming in through the apartment’s large windows and the height of the rooms, the spacious and bright atmosphere.”

Kitusuo enjoys spending time at her home.

“I particularly like having long, leisurely breakfast alone. Sometimes I meet up with my friends for brunch. We chat and cook together. It’s also nice to gather around the large dining table for a hangout.”

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