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    1. Sillanpäänpolku 8 C 20Ylhäisi, Salo

      • 565 €/month
      • 1/3 floor
      • 2H+KK+S, 43, balcony

      The apartment is vacant

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    Salo is a city in Southwest Finland with a population of just under 52,000. Salo benefits from its excellent location. It is situated along the railway, 50 kilometres from Turku and 110 kilometres from Helsinki. With the Uskelanjoki River running through it, Salo was a market town in the late 1800s that eventually became a city in 1960. During the past few years, several neighbouring municipalities have merged with Salo, including Halikko, Muurla and Perniö.

    Salo has a strong tradition of Finnish top-level expertise

    Once known as the city where Nokia and Microsoft provided lots of jobs, Salo has made headlines in recent years related to the downsizing and closure of large clusters of jobs. Nevertheless, the city is still a hub for many subcontracting, IT and technology companies. Salo has been known for expertise in electronics since the 1920s.

    Situated between Helsinki and Turku, the city offers excellent transport links: going to Turku by train takes just over half an hour, and the train to Helsinki takes an hour and a half. Many people have left the bustle of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area behind to find peaceful living in Salo while staying within easy reach of Turku and Helsinki. Mathildedal ironworks village is especially popular, both as a travel destination and as a place to live.

    Salo’s attractive and compact city centre is located around Uskelanjoki River, right next to the train and bus stations.
    The beautiful Uskela Church, which can be seen tens of kilometres away, is also an important part of the cityscape of Salo. The Finnish Heritage Agency has rated the church and the hill it stands on as one of the most important cultural attractions in Finland. Salo is also home to museums and ancient heritage sites. Salo offers good transport links to Teijo National Park, which combines the tranquillity of nature with the traditions of the craftspeople of old ironworks villages and modern life.

    Diverse housing in Ylhäisi

    A few kilometres south of the city centre and the river, towards Perniö, lies the peaceful neighbourhood of Ylhäis and its Lumo rental apartments. Ylhäis has an industrial heritage. It was once home to the Ylhäis crispbread factory. Today, there are many detached houses and terraced houses in the area, along with a day-care centre, primary school, secondary school and upper secondary school. Also nearby is the TYKS Salo hospital, outdoor trails, sports fields and a multi-purpose sports arena.