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    You can rent this apartment if your financial assets do not exceed the set limits. Read more ›

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    Idyllic Porvoo is an excellent place to live. The town has a population of about 50,000. It is located on a beautiful and sunny spot by the sea, only 50 kilometres from Helsinki. Porvoo’s history dates back to the 13th century, and it received the title of town in the 14th century. The first inhabitants at Porvoo were German hanseatic traders, and the first settlement was located near the old church. In 1760, there was a massive fire in Porvoo, which destroyed most of the city. However, some of the old buildings survive to this day.

    Old Porvoo and the riverbank

    Porvoo is a popular tourist destination, and its best-known attractions are Old Porvoo and the riverbank that is dotted with cafes and restaurants.

    The architecture, colourful wooden houses, beautiful churches, idyllic squares and cobblestone streets are an unforgettable sight. Old Porvoo comprises about 550 buildings, and it is one of the six medieval towns in Finland. Restaurants, cafés, small boutiques and the ships on the riverbank give Porvoo its unique charm. The red shore houses on the riverbank are a popular attraction in Porvoo.

    Good public transportation

    Porvoo has an efficient bus network, and many locals use a bicycle to move around the city. In the centre, distances are so short that walking is the best way to get around.

    Porvoo for children

    Porvoo is popular among families with children, offering an easy and safe environment to grow up in. There are many parks in Porvoo, including historical parks and theme parks. Some of the playgrounds organise various activities for kids. In addition parks and playgrounds, Porvoo has park forest and herb-rich meadows that are open to the public. Porvoo also offers a great choice of freetime activities for children, including a range of clubs and associations in the fields of athletics and arts.

    Activities in summer and winter

    Kokonniemi is the local activity centre. In the winter, it offers downhill and cross-country skiing trails, and in the summer, it turns into an outdoor swimming pool and Bike Park, a venue for downhill mountain biking.

    Near the beautiful archipelago

    The archipelago off the coast of Porvoo is one of the most scenic in Finland. Pellinki is the most popular island, and it is easy to reach by boat, car or bus. Klovharu – the island where author Tove Jansson used to spend her summers – is another popular island in the archipelago.

    Own Lumo rental apartment in Porvoo

    Porvoo is an easy-going, comfortable city that values its residents. Porvoo has multiple Lumo rental apartments, including options for single people, couples and families. Read about the different neighbourhoods and compare their services!


    Kevätkumpu residential area is located about three kilometres from the centre of Porvoo. It is easy to reach by bus. The area has excellent outdoor trails and sports venues. There are also essential services available nearby.


    Gammelbacka is located about four kilometres south-west from the centre of Porvoo. It is a green neighbourhood with good bus services from the city centre. The Lumo rental apartments in Gammelbacka are located near services in a park-like environment. Gammelbacka also has its own day-care centres and schools, and other essential services and a shopping centre are located nearby.