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Saimaankatu 62 A A 42

Paavola, 15140 Lahti

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Built in: 1996

The apartment is vacant

  • 699 €/month
  • Security deposit 0 €
    when renting online
  • 43
  • Apartment building, 2H+KK
  • Non-smoking apartment
  • 8/8 floor
  • Water fee 24 €/person/month
  • Glazed balcony
  • Additionally: heated storage
  • Elevator
  • Shared sauna
  • Parking spaces vacant 19 pcs ›
  • Additionally: bicycle storage, club room, laundry room, drying room, storage cages, air-raid shelter
Viewing: Fri 7.7. at 14:30–14:40

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Tämä Lumo-koti sijaitsee vain hiukan reilun kilometrin päässä Lahden kauppatorilta. Palveluiden ääressä sijaitsevassa talossa ei siis autoa välttämättä tarvitse. Vierestä löytyy K-Citymarket ja uusi Prisma, joka on avattu kauppakeskus Sykkeeseen. Talossa on asukkaiden käytössä on ilmainen pesutupa, kuivaushuone ja kuntosali.

Kodissa on laminaattilattia ja maalatut seinät. Keittiöstä löytyy kivasti kaappitilaa, kaapistojen ovet ovat valkoiset. Kompaktin kokoisessa keittiössä on myös varaus astianpesukoneelle. Tilavassa kypyhuoneessa on muovimatto ja laatoitetut seinät sekä hyvin tilaa pyykinpesukoneelle. Lasitetulta parvekkeelta on kauniit kaupunkimaisemat.

Seinissä voi esiintyä normaaleja asumisen jälkiä. Kotia voi halutessaan maalata Lumo-värikartan sävyillä itse – me tarjoamme maalit ja tarvikkeet.

Vuokraa tämäkin koti verkkokaupastamme!

About the area


Lahti offers comfortable housing in a developing city in southern Finland.
Lahti is a pleasant inland town in southern Finland. Lahti has both an urban atmosphere and places where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. The city is located between the Salpausselkä ridges and lake Vesijärvi. Services and comfortable living are important focus areas for the city.

This forward-looking city is an excellent choice for those who want to live in a green environment, near versatile sports and recreational venues.

Lahti is also a family-friendly city, where schools, day-care centres and shops are always near. Local and regional bus networks are extensive and functional, and the trip to Helsinki takes 50 minutes by train. Many residents commute between Lahti and Helsinki, using the fast train connections and the Lahti motorway.

Sports in Lahti

The Salpausselkä ridges were formed during the Ice Age, and the area is now a famous winter sports centre that houses the annual Salpausselkä games. The 100-kilometre network of skiing and hiking trails is easy to reach from Lahti in all seasons.

Other sports venues in Lahti include three swimming halls, a training ice rink in Laune, multi-purpose Suurhalli Hall and Lahti Ice Rink. These venues serve as training grounds for a range of sports in the Lahti region.

Available rental apartments in Lahti

There are over a thousand comfortable Lumo rental apartments in Lahti, located all over the city. Lahti's available rental apartments include homes of different sizes to suit the needs of single people, couples and families. You can find your own home either close to the city centre or further away in a nice suburb.

Our available rental apartments in Lahti are always available in our web store. In the web store, you can choose your preferred apartment without waiting in line or filling in applications.

Easy living in central Lahti

There are several comfortable Lumo rental apartments in and near the centre of Lahti. The centre has undergone major renewals in recent years, and the whole area has become much more pleasant to live in.

All the shops and shopping centre Trio are located within walking distance in the city centre. There is a convenient underground parking hall for those who arrive from further away.

Famous buildings in Lahti city centre include the City Hall, designed by Eliel Saarinen, and Ristinkirkko Church by Alvar Aalto. The latter is a nationally important cultural attraction. Lahti City Theatre and Lahti City Library are located to the east of the city centre, in the district of Paavola.

Kartano, an area to the north of Ristinkirkko Church, is a pleasant residential area. It is famous for its no-car zone, a large city block that comprises apartment buildings. Möysä is a popular residential area near Paavola and by lake Joutjärvi. There is also a public beach by the lake.

Areas to the south of the city centre, on the other side of the railway, include Asemantausta and Laune, which is known as a shopping district. The large family park in Laune offers fun for the little ones free of charge. Residents in Anttilanmäki have convenient access to the services of the city centre.

Rental apartment near the lake in Ankkuri or Ruoriniemi

Some of the shore areas of Lahti that used to be in industrial use were made available for residential constructions. Ankkuri is an example of a former industrial area that is now in residential use. The shoreline in Ankkuri is up to three kilometres long, and there are many comfortable Lumo rental apartments by the lake. The neighbourhood of Ruoriniemi is also located near lake Vesijärvi and has several Lumo rental apartments. The shopping centre in Ankkuri is also close to the residents of Ruoriniemi.

Other facilities by lake Vesijärvi include Sibelius Hall, which was inaugurated as a concert and congress centre in 2000, and the Ankkuri Centre, which offers services and commercial properties.

Lumo rental housing outside of the city centre

The neighbourhoods of Kerinkallio and Saksala, to the east of Laune and Asemantausta, offer excellent housing for those who appreciate more spacious surroundings. Services in the area include Saksala Swimming Hall, a school, grocery stores and a child health clinic. These areas are green neighbourhoods where idyllic 1950s wooden houses stand side-by-side with modern single-family houses.

Kiveriö is another great neighbourhood for those who like large plots and spacious living. This hilly area offers garden-like plots that are larger than in the centre. The tranquil area has good connections by car and bus to other parts of Lahti and to the railway station. The wooded milieu is especially good for families with children and people who enjoy spending time outdoors.

The residential area of Keijupuisto is located some two kilometres from the city centre, and it has several fairly new Lumo rental apartments with extremely attractive locations. The tranquil neighbourhood offers excellent opportunities for outdoor activities and different hobbies. Hennala is another nice neighbourhood close by.

Lumo rental apartments in Lahti in figures

Located on the shore of Lake Vesijärvi, Lahti is the 9th largest city in Finland based on population. Lumo homes offer 1380 rental apartments in Lahti easily and in the best locations.

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All services

Lumo-living includes

  • DNA Netti broadband
  • Carbon footprint test
  • Pets welcome
  • Security deposit 0 €
  • Customer events
  • Lumo team
  • Flexible exchange from one Lumo home to another
  • My Lumo service

Fee-based services

  • Zero-carbon heating
  • Move out cleaning service
  • Moving service
  • Moving boxes
  • Home insurance
  • Order a dishwasher
  • Self storage renting
  • Shared car
  • Electric car charging service
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House information

Saimaankatu 62 A

Yhdeksänkerroksinen talo, jonka yläkerrassa on kokous- ja juhlatilat upeissa Vesijärven näköalamaisemissa. Asunnoissa on parvekkeet. Talossa on maksuton pesutupa kuivaushuoneineen sekä kerhohuone. Talossa toimii aktiivinen talotoimikunta, joka vastaa kerhotoiminnasta. Talon yhteydessä on autohallipaikkoja.

Lumo-asukkaana saat enemmän

Lumo-vuokrakodit tarjoavat turvallista ja ympäristöystävällistä asumista sekä parhaat asumisen palvelut.

Saat Lumo-palvelut ja Lumo-asukkaan edut käyttöösi My Lumo -palvelun kautta. Tutustu tarkemmin:

Basic house info
  • Building type: Apartment building
  • Completion: 1996
  • Energy rating: F
  • Cable TV (DVB-C): DNA
  • Broadband: DNA 50 Mbit/s
Shared facilities of the house: Bicycle storage, club room, shared sauna, laundry room, drying room, storage cages, air-raid shelter


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