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    You can rent this apartment if your financial assets do not exceed the set limits. Read more ›

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    Järvenpää offers comfortable housing in a diverse town, near the capital city. Järvenpää is known for its architectural attractions, such as Ainola, the home of composer Jean Sibelius, and many other artist residences. Living in Järvenpää is easy because all the services are nearby in this compact town. It also offers good options for studying, working and leisure activities. Järvenpää is a rapidly growing and developing town with a lot of new apartments, jobs and services on the way. Its excellent location along the main railway with three stations, the Lahti motorway and Tuusulanväylä road are among the key reasons why the town is attracting a lot of new residents. Järvenpää is also home to a unique Citymarket that was selected as the world’s best supermarket in 2019. It is known for its carefully crafted sushi, grocerant gourmet restaurant and curated selection of food and beverages. Järvenpää also has an active residents’ movement, Hyvä Kasvaa Järvenpäässä, which brings the local people together and works to improve public areas. The association’s base of operations is the Seppälä Manor in Kyrölä, where people can also organise family events at affordable rates or participate in activities such as singalongs and rug weaving.

    A lively city with many events

    Järvenpää Hall hosts a number of cultural events every year, including concerts, theatre and art exhibitions. The annual Puistoblues festival is a popular and well-known music festival. Each year, Puistoblues and events around it attract thousands of people to Vanhankylänniemi and the Blues street in the town centre. The Sykettä and Sinfoniaa organisation arranges family-friendly events in the town all year round. Rantapuisto is used as the venue for many summertime events.

    A town with good public transportation

    Järvenpää is close to all of the cities in the Helsinki region and it has good public transportation. Järvenpää is located along the main railway, which makes travelling to Helsinki and other destinations fast and convenient. Lahti is also easy to reach by train. Thanks to the good motorways, Järvenpää is easy to reach by car. For example, Helsinki Airport is located within less than a half-hour drive.

    Living by the lake in the town centre

    Järvenpää is located by Lake Tuusulanjärvi. The town was originally part of the neighbouring town of Tuusula. In the 1950s, Järvenpää slowly developed into a small industrial municipality with more and more apartments. The first settlement was built along the railway. Järvenpää became a town in 1967. A lot of work has been done on Lake Tuusulanjärvi over the past few years. Tervanokka beach in the town centre and the beach in Vanhankylänniemi attract many visitors in the summer.

    Järvenpää has excellent opportunities for outdoor activities: the area covered by parks totals 100 hectares and forest parks 250 hectares. There are also to nature reserves that are part of the Natura programme in Järvenpää: The bird habitat of Lake Tuusulanjärvi and the Lemmenlaakso broad-leaved forest.

    Living in Järvenpää

    Järvenpää has seen a lot of construction and renewal over the past few years. New residential areas have been zoned and new residential development has taken place in areas once occupied by fields in the Lepola area. Old buildings in disrepair have been demolished in the town centre and new modern buildings have gone up in their place. Järvenpää has Lumo rental apartments both right in the town centre and in tranquil neighbourhoods further away from the centre. Some of the apartments overlook the lake, and all of them are easy to reach.

    Lumo rental apartments in central Järvenpää

    There are comfortable Lumo rental apartments in central Järvenpää, in convenient locations close to all the services. The centre of Järvenpää has shops, banks, restaurants and a library. The Prisma shopping centre and Janne pedestrian street are popular shopping venues among locals.

    Near the centre in Pöytäalho

    The cosy neighbourhood of Pöytäalho is located half a kilometre from the railway station. Thus, the services in central Järvenpää are easy to reach by foot of bicycle. This residential area is perfect for people who want to live near services but in a more tranquil environment.

    Pajala and its many sports venues

    The neighbourhood of Pajala is located about a kilometre from the centre of Järvenpää. It has its own primary and secondary schools and grocery stores. Pajala is an example of re-zoned and more densely built-up urban structure. Old industrial buildings were demolished to make way for tens of new apartment buildings. The attractive Westermarck park was left between the buildings for local residents to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with their children. Pajala has excellent opportunities for various sports: the local indoor swimming pool, indoor skating rink and tennis courts are located in the area.

    Tranquil living in Jamppa

    The residential area of Jamppa is located about three kilometres from the centre, and it is an excellent choice for residents who want to live in a tranquil and spacious area. Saunakallio railway station is located in Jamppa. The area has its own day-care centre and primary school, and the most important local services are available in a small shopping centre. Jamppa is also home to the Keltasirkku family centre, which offers activities for families with children all year round. There is also a maternity and child health clinic and dental clinic on Jamppa. The buildings in the area have been renovated in recent years and new buildings have also gone up between the older apartment buildings. The green wooded environment is popular with people who enjoy the outdoors. There are several Lumo rental apartments in the area.