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Wings and ice swimming – TikTok influencer Josh Hurst’s favourite spots in Tampere

Creative entrepreneur Josh Hurst's favourite corners at his home in Armonkallio, Tampere, include the pet rabbit's play corner, the intriguing streets of his neighbourhood, and nearby swimming spots.


TikTok influencer Josh Hurst, known as @joshofwestern, is recognised for his humorous videos, often filmed at his home in the Lumo apartment building in Tampere's Armonkallio area. Originally coming to Finland from the US as an au pair about six years ago, Hurst ended up staying permanently – and has fallen in love with things like sauna and ice swimming.

Hurst's home is an approximately 30-square-meter studio where everything important fits: a bed, a sofa, a dining table, and, of course, a corner for his pet rabbit, Elliott.

According to Hurst, the Armonkallio area is peaceful and within walking distance from the city centre. It is also conveniently close to swimming and sauna spots. The old red-brick buildings in the area create a nice atmosphere. Hurst describes the vibe as exciting.

Let's now take a look at Josh Hurst's favourite spots.

Memories on the hallway shelf

"I'm a very social and extroverted person, and often on the move. When I come home, I like to just hang up my coat, kick off my shoes and relax. I really like this hallway and it’s nice to see this view when coming home."

"I like how spacious my hallway is. For example, I have a shelf where I've collected special things for myself. I work as a bartender on weekends, so I've gathered random beer and bar glasses here."

"Anyone with an eye for interior design would probably cry seeing this, but I find the shelf and hallway nice. Everything important is here: my Moomin sauna hat, a Käärijä Pina Colada can, and a scarf of my favourite NFL team, the Indianapolis Colts."

Hurst describes his pet rabbit Elliott as an old and grumpy old man.

Elliott the rabbit deserves his own space 

"I often sit next to my rabbit Elliott's own area on the floor, watching TikTok or just keeping Elliott company. Sometimes, I'll give Elliott an activity toy where he can search for treats."

"When he was younger, Elliott was very playful. But now he's an old, grumpy fellow who only gets excited about treats and chilling. If Elliott wants company, he comes to my feet while I cook in the kitchen or sit on the sofa playing console games."

"It's nice that even in such a small home, Elliott has his own area to run around and do his own things. He really does create a mess, which I probably clean up about five times a day."

Big bathroom is a hit with the rabbit too

"My bathroom is ridiculously huge. Even guests always say 'Wow, what a big bathroom.' Sometimes, when I'm showering, I'll wash my hair and walk around – just because it's possible in such a spacious area. You could actually do a workout or yoga session here."

"My rabbit Elliott also likes the bathroom; he enjoys sleeping on the heated floor and exploring around. If I'm going to shower, I have to shoo him away because he really doesn't like water."

"In the US, bathrooms are rarely this big because usually homes have a separate laundry room. Maybe it's a bit of a Finnish thing."

Around the block again and again

"Sometimes, when I feel like I just need to get out of the house, I put on a podcast and walk around my block again and again."

"The house is almost in the city centre, but the area is really peaceful. There's very little light pollution, so you can see the starry sky on clear nights."

"Occasionally, I might run into a dog walker, but that's about it. I think my neighbours are ninjas or something because I never see anyone."

"I moved to Armonkallio only in October last year, and I've never seen these corners in the summer. I'm really looking forward to enjoying the streets in the summer. There are beautiful red brick buildings here, and an interesting mix of old and new."

During winter Hurst enjoys ice swimming in Rauhaniemi.

In swimming trunks all day long

"Swimming is one of those activities where I don't notice time passing. On the best summer days, I'm in swim trunks from morning to night, taking frequent dips. I live near Massunlastenpuisto, where I enjoy swimming in the summers and ice swimming in the winters. I often go to Rauhaniemi to sauna and take a dip in the ice hole."

"Especially after moving to Finland, I've gone swimming as often as possible. It feels nostalgic, even though it probably shouldn't, since I didn't spend my childhood summers at a cottage, sauna, and swimming. Still, swimming and sauna are really nostalgic things for me."

Just the right kind of wings

"The Siipiweikot restaurant near my home is the only place in Finland where the wings taste like they do in the USA. The sauce, the crispiness, and everything else are like home, so when I order wings or eat here, I feel like I am experiencing a little piece of home here in Finland. I like the spicy sauce from Siipiweikot; it's just the right kind."

"I crave wings, especially when the American football season is on. The games usually come on Sundays, so it's almost a ritual to order wings or pizza during the game and eat on the sofa while watching."

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