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Cycling challenge Kilometrikisa starts again – Lumo to take part

At the beginning of May, the popular cycling challenge Kilometrikisa started again. It is a fun competition between workplace communities, associations, clubs, hobby circles, any group of friends or teams. The participants record the kilometres or minutes they have cycled when commuting to increase their own team’s total balance.


A record number of more than 32,000 participants took part in the challenge last year. This year the cycling challenge takes place from 1 May to 22 September 2020. The goal is to cycle as much as possible as a team within the time limit.

Municipalities also compete in the challenge. Every cyclist who has stated their home municipality in the registration form will automatically increase the kilometre balance for their municipality. In other words, if you are part of, for example, your workplace team, you will also be accumulating kilometres for your home community.

In addition, there is a series for electric bicycles including those teams that have at least one member riding an electric bicycle. In connection with Kilometrikisa, you can participate in the Finnish Red Cross’ Chain Reaction campaign. In this way, cycling also fights climate change.

Now is a good time to put your team together from, for example, your own Lumo building and get involved. Let’s cycle and refresh our minds! Lumo homes show the way: A team of employees takes part in the challenge again this year and also participates in the Finnish Red Cross’ Chain Reaction campaign against climate change. With a big heart and good heart rate!

28.4.2020 (Modified 9.6.2021)

Text Otavamedia

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