Housing instructions

Keep your Lumo home warm

What to do if your home is too cold in autumn or during winter’s frost? Read one of our experts tips on how to warm up a cool home.


  1. Because of the humidity, the indoor air might feel cold in autumn, even if it is within the recommended temperatures. However, the situation should improve once the building structures have warmed up and the damp has gone.
  2. Some apartments have make-up air valves that can be adjusted for winter to reduce draught. You should also check the seals on windows and balcony door.
  3. Check that the thermostats on the radiators are turned open and set between 1 and 6. When the temperature outside is still above zero, radiators don’t get very hot and they might feel cold to touch. As the weather cools down, the top of the radiator should warm up. The bottom of the radiator is always cooler, because the water inside the radiator releases heat into the room air.
  4. Large pieces of furniture in front of the radiator prevent heat from spreading into the apartment. Similarly, the environment around the radiator’s thermostat should be clear for it to work as intended.

+ When the indoor air is fresh, it is lovely to just lounge under the blanket with a hot beverage in hand. You’ll even sleep better in a slightly cooler home, under a warm blanket while perhaps wearing a pair of knitted socks.

If your apartment remains too cold (under 20 degrees) after following these steps, please send a fault report via the My Lumo service and one of our experts will analyse the problem.

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