Lumo and VVO

Lumo and VVO

Our two brands

Short history of VVO rental housing

Valtakunnallinen vuokratalo-osuuskunta, VVO, was founded in 1969 and in 1997 the Valtakunnallinen vuokratalo-osuuskunta VVO became a limited company. In September 2014, the company adopted the Lumo brand alongside the VVO brand, and in 2017 the company changed its name from VVO Group Plc to Kojamo Plc. Today, all Kojamo Plc's apartments are marketed under the Lumo brand.

Unique Lumo rental homes

Lumo is urban life at its best. In a Lumo home, you can enjoy the peace of mind of living, as Lumo homes offer safe, convenient and environmentally friendly housing paired with housing services that make everyday life easier. Lumo homes are located in the best areas of Finland’s largest cities, close to a wide range of services and good public transport links.

Find a home that suits your lifestyle in the Lumo online store. You can also contact us and tell what you want and we'll help you find a home that will last.

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