Housing instructions

Keep your Lumo home cool

What to do if your home gets too hot in the summer? Read our expert’s tips for cooling down your home.


  1. Ventilate when the sun does not shine directly into the apartment or when the outside temperature is lower than the indoor temperature.
  2. Use cross ventilation, if possible. Please note that using the stairwell for ventilation is not allowed.
  3. Close the curtains and blinds during daytime. Do not let daylight in until your windows no longer receive direct sunlight.
  4. Check that the exhaust and make-up air valves are clean and that the make-up air valve is open or in the summer position. Clean the valves, if necessary.
  5. Avoid using electrical appliances that generate heat, such as the oven or the sauna, during the hottest hours of the day.

+ A separately purchased fan or portable air conditioner makes life much easier on the hottest summer days.

If your apartment remains too hot after following these steps, please send a fault report via the My Lumo service and one of our experts will analyse the problem.

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