Lease agreement

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The lease agreement is the most important document of the tenancy relationship. It represents your commitment to the responsibilities and obligations related to a tenancy relationship in Lumo and VVO homes.

Non-fixed term lease agreement

The period of notice for non-fixed-term lease agreements is one calendar month. The lease ends on the last day of the month.

Starting from June 2018, non-fixed-term agreements usually include a provision concerning the earliest possible starting date of the notice period, which means that you commit to staying in the apartment for at least six months. If you want to terminate your lease earlier than that, we will charge a contractual penalty equivalent to one month’s rent at the end of your agreement.


Your agreement takes effect on 1 June 2018. If you want the agreement to be terminated on 30 November 2018, you must give notice of termination on 31 October 2018 at the latest. Regardless of whether you give notice of termination earlier, the notice period will start no earlier than 31 October 2018.

When the lessor terminates the lease agreement, the notice period is three calendar months during the first year of tenancy and six calendar months thereafter. However, we do not terminate lease agreements unless the tenant fails to fulfil their obligations; for example, by not paying rent or by causing a disturbance to the building’s other residents.

You can terminate a non-fixed-term lease agreement via the online service for residents.

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