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  • Yliopistonkatu 35, Käsityöläiskatu 6, Turku




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    The centre of Turku is a pleasant and culturally rich residential area, where you can find a huge number of services, places to eat, history and things to do. It is easy to navigate in the grid-like center, and light traffic has been taken into account excellently, so you can easily move around the city on foot or by bike.

    In the Turku city centre everything is close by

    Also, in terms of distances, walking and cycling or even electric scootering are excellent options for moving around in the city, because in the centre of Turku, everything is close by, from offices to schools to hobbies.

    However, Turku also has excellent public transport connections, and the Föli bus takes you around Turku and the surrounding municipalities, in case cycling is not appealing due to the weather or the distance. In addition, the city ferry Föri complements the bridges over the Aurajoki and transports you easily to the other side of the river. There is also a bus station and a train station right next to the city centre, and trains and buses depart from the stations at a fast pace to, for example, Pori, Helsinki and Tampere.

    Thanks to the excellent public transport connections, the city centre is easy to reach from nearby areas as well. So, if central Turku interests you as an area, you should also see nearby rental apartments in Martti, Vähäheikkilä, Vasaramäki and Majakkaranta.

    Rental apartment in the Turku centre in the middle of history, culture and services

    The centre of Turku spreads out on both sides of the Aura river, but the heart of the city is centered around the market place on the north side of the river, i.e. "the other side of the river". The area around the market place is a lively meeting place full of restaurants and services and, of course, market stalls in the summer, and especially with the renovations of the market place, the area will flourish even more in the future.

    Next to the market square is the large shopping centre Hansakortteli, where you can find more than 100 shops and restaurants. The Stockmann department store is also around the corner, as is the wonderful old market hall, the historic main library and the impressive Turku Art Museum and the surrounding Puolalanmäki park. There is something to do in the core centre for everyone, from the theater to mini golf and escape rooms, and the shopping opportunities will not leave you cold either. In addition, the Turku Castle, the harbour and the old Kakola prison are nearby.

    There is plenty to do in the centre of Turku on both sides of the Aura river

    On the opposite side of the river, so to speak, "this side of the river" lies the old historic centre of the city, the magnificent Turku Cathedral and the lively campus of the University of Turku. On this side of the river, there are also many good opportunities for outdoor activities and exercise: the green parks of Vartiovuori, Samppalinnanvuori and Kupittaa invite you to jog, sunbathe or sit down for a picnic. Samppalinna and Kupittaa parks also have swimming pools, where you can visit to refresh yourself and exercise in the summer.

    In addition, the versatile sports facilities of Kupittaa and Paavo Nurmi stadium are a stone's throw away. The beautiful and lively riverbank is the most important meeting place for both sides of the city center, especially in the summer. There you can find cafes, restaurants and terraces for every taste.