Are cookies used on Kojamo’s websites and is any other party able to collect data on my visits to Kojamo websites?

Updated 7 March 2020

We collect, process and analyse data relating to the use of our websites. We may collect data concerning your terminal device with the aid of cookies and other similar techniques, such as a browser’s local data storage. We may use data to identify individual people.

A cookie is usually a small text file that a Web browser stores in the terminal device to identify and re-identify the user. With cookies, we can identify your browser and utilise the information acquired thus to, for instance, count the number of browsers visiting our website and to conduct analyses on the use of our website. In this, our aim is to develop our online services so that they are even more useful for the users.

Cookies may collect the following details, among other things:

  • the user’s IP address;
  • the time;
  • the sites accessed and the time spent on them;
  • the browser type, the operating system of the terminal device;
  • the web address from which the user has come to the website and the
  • web address to which the user goes after using the website; and the server and the domain from which the user has accessed the website.
  • location

The website may also contain cookies from third parties, such as analysis and monitoring services as well as advertising networks. Third parties may store cookies on your terminal device when you visit Kojamo’s websites.

We also utilise the cookies on our websites to target our advertising on third-party sites. We cooperate with companies that specialise in online advertising technology. Based on the information collected by these partners with the aid of cookies and other technology, our advertisements can be targeted on the basis of previous online behaviour and other factors so that they are directed to those users that are most likely to be interested in our advertising. In this case, targeting may also utilise behavioural information collected from websites outside our site.

In addition, our partners and we may collect information about the effectiveness of our advertisements. For this purpose, we may collect the following information, for instance:

  • how many times a certain advertisement has been displayed on the browser;
  • whether the advertisement has been accessed; and
  • whether accessing the advertisement led to the renting of an apartment.

Our websites can include links to external websites, but we are not responsible for the privacy protection practices or content of such external websites. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the privacy terms of each website.

If you wish, you can control the extent to which you consent to the use of cookies and to the targeting of advertising. You can prevent the use of cookies by changing your browser settings. Please note that the prevention of cookies may result in a situation in which not all of the functionalities of Kojamo’s websites are available to you.

If you wish that advertising is not targeted according to your areas of interest, you can prevent targeting by clicking the links below. After targeting is prevented, you will see as many advertisements as before but they are not selected on the basis of your areas of interest.

Prevent Adform targeting here
Prevent Google targeting here
Prevent Facebook targeting here
Prevent other third-party targeting here

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