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VVO Briefly

In Finland, VVO is a leading company specialising in housing rental services. VVO´s core business is owning and renting apartments. VVO owns nearly 40,000 rental apartments in 45 communities. The company offers a wide range of housing alternatives, both privately financed and state-subsidised.

Key figures

The VVO Group had a turnover of EUR 335.4 (327.3) million. 97.6 (94.1) per cent of the turnover came from housing rentals and 2.3 (5.9) per cent from the sale of owner-occupied apartments and of plots originally intended for construction of owner-occupied apartments. The Group posted an operating profit of EUR 120.4 (105.7) million, representing 35.9 (32.3) per cent of turnover. Profit before taxes amounted to EUR 70.3 (55.8) million. We spent in excess of EUR 70 million on renovations.

The fair value of rental apartments owned by VVO and business premises in the rental apartment buildings is approximately EUR 3.1 billion.

Cost-effective property maintenance and repairs are carried out on our properties, and systematic investment and divestment plans are prepared for development purposes.

VVO employs approximately 340 people, about half of them in 13 regional offices (called VVO-kotikeskus). VVO´s largest shareholders include Finnish pension insurance companies and trade unions.

Strategy based on customer orientation and development

Our strategy is founded on a customer-oriented approach and continuous improvement. According to our vision, we aim to be by 2020 the most significant and valued housing services company in Finland. Our goal is to deliver a good customer experience, involving easy-to-use services.

In accordance with VVO´s customer promise:

  • We offer versatile opportunities for good-quality living.
  • Together with our customers, we make apartments feel like home, as well as creating attractive and safe yard areas.
  • We aim to make doing business with us and our partners easy and effortless.