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VVO Annual Report 2012

Welcome to VVO´s online Annual Report!

We have posted the content of our Annual Report on our website in a more comprehensive form than before. For instance, you can view watch a video clip of a review from our CEO Jani Nieminen, and read about our success stories, our business operations and our administration. Our financial statement is also available online.

We have provided a resource bank service where you can pick and store pages to create a PDF document suited to your needs. If you do so, however, you should make a note to the effect that your custom document is an extract from the VVO online Annual Report and is not comprehensive. You can print out the PDF document and/or save it to your computer. You can also share the Annual Report content by e-mail or in social media.

The Download Center has ready-made PDF compilations that you can download in addition to the compilations you make yourself.
To return to our frot page, click on the VVO logo in the top left-hand corner. Language controls and a search function are at the top right.

We would like to receive your feedback about our Annual Report. Send your comments to the VVO Communication Department at