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Corporate social responsibility

The core of VVO´s corporate social responsibility is shaped by what matters to VVO and our stakeholders, shareholders, and employees. VVO´s key areas of corporate social responsibility are shown in the Importance Matrix.

Our operations are guided by our values and the operating principles approved by our Board of Directors, comprising good governance, the code of conduct, information security policy, customer privacy protection and VVO´s rental practice.

VVO´s Importance Matrix quarter demonstrating corporate social responsibility, using elements which the stakeholders and VVO consider important.

Importance Matrix

In 2012, we aligned our corporate social responsibility actions with VVO´s operations. Key business responsibility indicators were approved as part of our corporate social responsibility reporting.

During the period under review, good results were achieved in areas such as energy efficiency and financial sustainability. With regard to the prevention of economic crime (the grey economy), the level achieved in the preceding year was maintained; our partners who are subject to the Act on the Contractor´s Obligations and Liability are all members of the tilaajavastuu.fi register. For the first time, our employees were invited to express their views in the employee survey on their competencies relating to corporate social responsibility.

Key indicators of corporate social responsibility:

Responsibility indicators