VVOAnnual Report 2011
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VVO Briefly

VVO is Finland´s largest rental housing company, owning nearly 40,000 rental apartments in 45 municipalities. About half of our apartments are privately financed and half are state-subsidised. VVO was established in 1969.

Today, VVO is a public limited liability company whose principal shareholders are pension insurance companies and trade unions. In 2011, the VVO-group had a turnover of EUR 327.3 million and declared a profit before taxes of EUR 55.8 million. Our goal is to offer our residents safe and better housing. Our strategy is founded on a customer-oriented approach and continuous improvement. We have made the choice of providing rental housing and building management services ourselves, with our own personnel, in close contact with customers. Our vision is that by 2020 we will be the most significant and valued housing services company in Finland.