VVOAnnual Report 2011
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VVO invests in personnel

In 2011, VVO had 340 employees on average. VVO´s strategic policy dictates that the company´s functions are managed by the company´s employees as far as possible. Employees are encouraged to engage in training and self-improvement. The VVO management principles are equality, integrity, fairness and respect.

Development makes use of best practices

HR management aims at consistent supervisor performance throughout the organisation. The past year was an important one for component projects, under the Investors in People (IIP) project aimed at improving HR management and wellbeing at work. There were six IIP development projects in all, aiming at improved expertise management, consistent HR management, decisive leadership and inclusiveness. IIP projects have also addressed the usability of operating instructions and the monitoring of personnel investments. Most of the outcomes of these projects will only become apparent in the workplace during 2012.

Personnel satisfaction continues to grow

VVO conducts a personnel survey annually. In recent years the results of this survey have been clearly above the average of comparable industries. In 2011, the results improved even further: overall personnel satisfaction with VVO as an employer had continued to grow. The overall point score was 4.28 (2010: 4.12) on a scale of 1 to 5. Development points for 2012 include in-house communications and clearer definition of responsibilities. Wellbeing at work at VVO is secured, for instance by ensuring occupational safety and offering a comprehensive occupational health care service, together with opportunities for sport and recreation.